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Layris.jpg Layris after destroying an army that had stepped on her garden

Championed by the Heroine: Zelae
Personality: Unstable
Gender: Female
Guild: The Forsakens Lament
Guild Position: N/A
Favorite Town: Dogville


Layris is the sister of Krystallus, god of the Dust. Layris herself has some knowledge of the Dust, but is actually a goddess of magic. She has immense power, so much so that it has made her mind unstable. Seemingly normal at times, she experiences random mood swings and can change personalities instantly. She is usually kind, but her wrath is not something any being would wish to experience. She often follows the lead of Krystallus, as he is the only one who has ever been able to calm her when she is angered or otherwise upset.


Zelae is the champion of Layris. She was created by Krystallus as a gift to his sister, and was made to her specifications. while gods can create bodies however they like, a soul cannot be chosen. when a god or goddess places a soul within a body, they can not know what it will be like. Luckily, Zelae has much in common with her goddess, although she is much more mentally stable. After Krystallus created Zelae, Layris created a staff just like her own, (Krystallus limited it's power to protect Zelae's mind)two swords, and some leather armor. She was not created for a specific purpose, but simply to keep her goddess company and entertain her. Layris and Zelae quickly became friends, although Zelae is not immune to Layris' mood swings, of which she has experienced several.