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Dark mage by amd design-d55hb55.jpg

Krystallus in his preffered form.

Championed by the Hero: Anderal
Personality: Uncaring
Gender: Male
Guild: The Forsakens Lament
Guild Position: Darkest
Favorite Town: Los Demonos

The story of Krystallus:

Krystallus is the God who created the Dust, from which the other gods formed their creations. His power was among the greatest of all the elder gods, and he bound it to his Dust, to ensure it would last forever. After creating the Dust, Krystallus was tired. He went into a deep sleep that lasted aeons. He had not seen the other gods use his creation. When he awoke, he saw what they had done with the Dust. His beautiful creation, ruined by the other gods. Krystallus had not foreseen that his power could only be used from Dust in its natural form. There were only small traces of the Dust in its natural form throughout the universe. From these pockets of his creation Krystallus drew his power. He created a champion, Anderal. Anderal was created for a single purpose. To spread the Dust across the realm. Now that Krystallus has awoken, the cycle of life is ending. When slain by Anderal, creatures will turn once again to the dust they are made of. The Dust will not turn to dirt, it will not help plants to grow, it will not become food. The Dust will no longer be nutrition for living creatures, no longer grow into children. What dies will now be Dust, and it will stay Dust forevermore. Krystallus is one of the most powerful gods, but he was unable to create a powerful champion when he first awoke. He draws his power from the Dust, and as his champion spreads the Dust, Krystallus grows ever stronger. His champion's life and power is tied to the Dust. As Anderal spreads the Dust, he grows stronger as well. In time, Krystallus will be once again one of the greater gods. As Krystallus was one of the original gods, and not one of the gods who were created by other gods or a mortal who became a god, he is known as an Elder god. The Elder gods are few, but they are the strongest of all the known gods.

A brief description of the Dust:

In the void, there was nothing but the Elder gods. The other gods did very little with their power, but Krystallus was different. He quickly grew bored of the void, and decided to create something from his power. This something is the Dust. The Dust is, quite simply, infinitely small particles of everything. The smallest fragment of the Dust has the potential to become anything its master wishes. Krystallus is the only being to have ever mastered the Dust, and he is not one to share his secrets. The only one he has shared the secrets of the dust with is his sister, Layris, and he has only told her the simplest of things about the Dust. The other gods used the Dust, but their use of it was very limited. In the end, all the Elder Gods grew weary, and slept. They left the lesser gods to rule. But now Krystallus has awoken. The Dust will live again. With Krystallus awake, the waking of the other Elders is near. It may have already come. The Dust will be once again what it was meant to be.

Legends of Krystallus as written by mortals:

In the beginning, there were only a few gods. They were very powerful, but they did not use their powers. Krystallus was one of them, but he was different. He grew bored, and created the Dust. This took nearly all of his great power, and he was forced to rest. While he slumbered, the other gods noticed his creation. At first, they used it to make weaker gods. Those weaker gods then created the base elements: air, earth, water, and fire. They used these to create the stars and planets. They created mountains and seas, volcanoes and islands. Then they combined their base elements to create more. They created all the known elements, and likely more yet to be discovered. They created man, beast, monster, and all other forms of life. They have some of their creations souls. Then they discovered their creations were not immortal, like they were. Their souls wandering, the gods decided to create the afterlife. souls alone were not created of the dust, as they were created to be unending. The weaker gods purged the dust from their forms, and created ethereal firms for themselves. By this time all the Elder Gods had grown tired. None were left awake, and the weaker gods were all that were left. The weaker gods eventually forgot the Elder Gods. It is said that when Krystallus awakes, one of two things will happen. He will see what has been done with his Dust, and he will approve. He will leave us in peace. Or, he will hate what has been done to his Dust. He will destroy us, and all will once again be Dust.

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