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Krill the Caliginus
Championed by the Heroine: Vriska Pyrope
Personality: Chaotic Neutral, apparently
Gender: Female
Motto: Light Brings Only Shadow
Guild: Birds of Prey
Guild Position: Ex-Leader and Co-Founder of Birds of Prey
Favorite Town: Godville


Krill began his existence as a fairly normal Drow. He bowed to the priestesses of Lolth when they passed, worshiped Lolth openly as the goddess of Chaos and Spiders. He was mildly high placed in the military, due to a noble birth and extreme skill with martial arts and all forms of blades. However, one day, while attempting to avenge the death of his long-lost parents, Krill died.

There was no life flashing before his eyes. He simply passed, the light in the tunnel not for him. But he was greeted by Lolth, the one he once worshiped. She informed him that he would become a god, that some great vote in the sky had determined that he should not die.

In The Beginning

After a few weeks in a new place, Godville, Krill had met many people. Some strange things went down all throughout his time in Godville, and eventually, an alternate reality's Krill fused with the one from this reality, mostly due to some ExtraDimensional weirdness going on. as a result, a strange combination of laid back and calculated and extremely flamboyant was created.

The Spirit Realm

The Spirit Realm is a plane separate from both the heroes' realm and the gods' realm. It's time moves much faster then ours, letting him move between here and there and back again in what seems an instant. It is also much smaller, letting him move farther quicker in relation to our realm. The denizens of that realm are the spiritlings, which each have their own tiny little powers. Their civilization is quite advanced due to the fact that they all have a power and to the fact that their seemingly powerless leader has the power of true immortality. Krill is unique in that he is the only one capable of willfully entering the Spirit Realm. The only way in besides his portals is through tiny time-space rifts that are not checked by TENGA. TENGA is the reigning intelligence in the spirit realm, a sort of Uber-god who completely controls the normal working of the spirit realm. He can do whatever he wants inside of it, including re-writing its form or banishing someone from it.

Lord Falcon (Alternatively: Lord Krill the Falcon)

Lord Falcon was a being linked subconsciously to Krill. He had the ability to withstand and create fire in any amount or form, and could commune with birds. He also had giant falcon's wings. Eventually, due to a mishap in the King of The Hill match, he discovered his true form as a being of pure energy. His wings became an indescribable thing similar to light, and his body was as hot as three supernovae. However, as he shouted everything he said and was honestly a bit annoying and rude, he was banned from speaking inside Godville. After a chance meeting, Krill and Lord Falcon fused into one being, gaining the ability to become Lord Krill the Falcon, and also a few extra powers. (Dark Matter, Time Teleportation, and fusing with spiritlings to gain their powers)

History (Alternatively: From Then 'Till... Closer to Now)

After much time spent on the forums, Krill's powers and abilities and family have changed. While I will leave the old things here for people to see how I started off, some changes must be made. First: Krill was involved in the creation of, and then subsequently married Maddy, the second incarnation of Time itself. Eventually, when the first one returned, Maddy became the Time of the Spirit realm. Second: Floria and Gloria, a set of twin girls, were born to Maddy and Krill thanks to the Spirit Realm's altered time. Fourth: The Era Falcon, a specialized airship constructed with much help from Krill's allies was built.

From Then 'Till... Actually Now

So much has changed. Lord Falcon's history has changed around a lot. He is now officially Krill's brother. Falcon was also affected by the event that changed Krill into... the new Krill. He became a being based on energy, who only barely manages to hold a matter form most of the time. Krill's history is more complicated, and Falcon's is... less. For these, check the respective chronicles. Krill and Falcon have finally both settled down in the Birds of Prey guild hall.

The user behind Krill found love, and that love is known in Godville as *ThatKidInTheOwlHat.* Because of this and a general failure to be original, Maddy re-wrote history so that Krill and *Owl* were married, and Maddy was somehow born to them. It's complicated.

Krill has five children now, El'ek Caligna, Floria and Gloria, Rend Caligna, and Maddy, all with their own various abilities and stories.

Krill encountered some strange happenings and was turned into a woman, and subsequently took the name Khyrena.