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Her Greatness Kaslann

The Definition of a God with a God-Complex

Deities of Godville
Kaslann   Goddess of Kuuderes and Kamideres
Her Greatness in All Her Glory
Hero Laqtris
Personality Apathetic, Arrogant, Cynical
Gender Female
Motto Weaklings die. Big deal.
Favourite Town Egopolis

Her Greatness' reign spans several dimensions, including that of Godville and Earth, working to protect all Kuudere and Kamideres, as well as expand their role in media and real life. She will only ever reveal her loving side to her beloved followers, but to the rest, she is cold-hearted and haughty.

Her Greatness Kaslann' is a by and true Kuudere, however, she cannot be considered a Kamidere as she is, after all, an actual Goddess.


Kaslann is the patron of Kuuderes and Kamideres.

  • Kuuderes are characters who are cold, blunt, and cynical. They are stoics through and through and may or may not be inwardly caring, but only towards those they love.
  • Kamideres are characters with God-complexes, who believe they are superior to others in some way. Both of these terms originate from the term '-dere', meaning loving.

This suffix -dere refers to different personality types, commonly portrayed in anime and manga. Accordingly, 'kuu' means cool, and 'kami' means god.

She holds a special place in her heart for Homura Akemi (kuudere), Satsuki Kiryuin (kuudere/kamidere), Lelouch Lamperouge (kamidere), Akame (kuudere), and her own heroine, Laqtris (kuudere).

Kaslann despises Derederes and Bakaderes - who she considers weak and unauthentic - and actively pits her disciples against them, as well as personally inflicting misfortune upon them. As such, Kaslann is always encouraging Laqtris to kill Derederes and Bakaderes.

  • Derederes are friendly and loving deres, who are openly kind and happy (examples. Rikka Takanashi, Tamaki Shou).
  • Bakaderes are clumsy, dumb characters, as stemming from the word 'baka', which means stupid.

Naturally, these personalities are opposites of Kaslann's disciples, which is why she hates them.

Godly Powers

Kaslann's godly abilities are modeled after her patronage and parallel her beloved Kuuderes and Kamideres.

  • Telepathy and Telekinesis
  • Chronokinesis
  • Gravity Manipulation
  • Metaphysical Manipulation
  • Emotion and Memory Manipulation
  • Extreme Physical Strength and Speed

Kaslann is hyper-intelligent and, characteristic of a God, immortal. The only way she could possibly die is through the complete eradication of all kamideres and kuuderes. She is also capable of interdimensional travel and creating heroines, like Laqtris.