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Jeroi La-Ahash
Championed by the Hero: Prince Demotacius Panshra LIII
Personality: Humorous and Kind
Gender: Male
Guild: Birds of Prey
Guild Position: Regent of the Birds of Prey
Favorite Town: Godville

Jeroi La-Ahash is the patron god of the Panshran Empire, a faraway land ruled by a benevolent royal family. He is one of the regents of the Birds of Prey. That's him in a nutshell. See summary for a detailed biography!


Jeroi La-Ahash began to form in the Divine Realm in the Rule of the First Ten Emperors of the Panshran Empire. Although the empire was more of a conglomeration of villages at the time, the villagers had been very creative in the creation of their god. Jeroi La-Ahash was to be a creator and protector kind of god: He who created all, and He who shall protect from the Darkness. But at this time, the fledgling god was nothing more than a memetic entity.

It was not until the Twentieth and Thirtieth Emperors that Jeroi began to assume his role of a god. The Eleventh Emperor had fought to claim his ancestors' land from rebellious nobles, and prayed to La-Ahash for guidance. Without consciously doing so La-Ahash blessed the Five-Thousand Army with an Aura of Valiance, and it was through His blessing that the Empire was united once more.

In the reign of the Fortieth Emperors, La-Ahash's identity awakened, much like the Gods of Chaos in WH-40K Version of the Milky Way. Jeroi la-Ahash formed his personality and identity from what the people believed him to be: Kind (to protect and create) and Humorous (to bless and be a chill guy.) Of course, He fleshed himself out a little bit. La-Ahash had heard of the incredibly boring God on a version of Earth, and dreaded to become like Him.

The Jeroi la-Ahash that the Birds of Prey know is affected heavily by the Fifty-Third Emperor-to-be. 53, as he is called, is a devout follower of Jeroi la-Ahash, but preferring to use Him as a role model instead of a benefactor. For more on 53, see his article.

How Did We Get Here?

Jeroi la-Ahash and 53 are adventuring into Godville as part of 53's quest to prove that he is a suitable heir to the empire. La-Ahash had spoken to a visiting god from Godville in the Divine Realm. The Visiting God gave the two tickets to Godville, redeemable by the sacrifice of 200 silver pieces under a Lunar Eclipse. So when the eclipse arrived, 53 offered the 200 to the Great Registration System, and the God and Heir were pulled into the Godvillian realm. For now one of La-Ahash's interns is running the realm, and is actually doing pretty good.

Hey Tony, What Does This Piece of Fresh Pepperoni Look Like?

Jeroi la-Ahash manifests himself as a 2 meter tall humanoid avian. At his feet are golden talons, adorned with ebony platings. His body is covered in soft, long feathers that shift color. They are mostly a pastel rainbow, but are known to turn to a solid coat of colors. Most of his body is concealed in a plain brown robe, adorned with sequins on the torso. The sleeves do not fully cover his feathered arms, allowing for the rainbow feathers to be seen by all. Like his feet, he has golden talons for hands. The claws retract, however.

His head is shaped like that of a hawk's head, and is also covered in the multi-colored feathers. Oh, and his eyes are blue, not an edgy red like those other gods do.