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hit you

the history of hit you

hit you was a god that liked to hit everyone in a alternative reality and when he heard about godville he decided to travel there and learnt that he can hit anyone he wanted and no one could stop him... until one of the Godville admin saw that everyone was going around with big bruises on there arm and he asked one of the people where he got the bruise from and he said he got it from a god who walked the earth hitting people and the Godville admin made it his job in life to find this god and stop him!!!

two years later when the Godville admin had finally found the God hit you and he said "if you don't stop hitting people I will ban you from this realm and you will never be see of heard of again!!! I can offer you two choices leave of your own accord and I will forget about this whole thing or you can have a hero and just hit him or her which ever you want it to be. its your choice, you decide I will give you 24 hours to think about it."

23 hours later hit you found the Godville admin and decided to make a hero and the rest is history