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Championed by the Hero: Embr
Gender: Androgynous
Motto: Mana for the Dragon!
Guild: Draconian
Guild Position: Vox Draconum
Favorite Town: Monsterdam

In The Beginning, Helbane fragmented from the Source and established Her existence. As a quantum expression of multidimensional manifestation, She was intrigued to find Herself embodying myriad iterations across countless planes, points, and angles within Her fractal Universe. She experienced a great deal of Time from perspectives of pensive extrospection, pondering such metaphysical intricacies as Entanglement, Will, and Chaos.

Eventually... She got bored. Being mysteriously mythical and intrinsically intangible is only really entertaining for so long. So, She focused in on one particularly mind numbing realm and watched it for a while. Here She discovered a land of creatures called Administrators who had somehow learned to extrapolate Universal data and structure it into a simulation that they could manipulate. She saw that they had made new things and creatures and places, and that these new creations were interesting. She saw also that Others like Herself were present, having willingly subjected themselves to the simulated arbitrations of the Administrators in order to take advantage of this perfect oppurtunity to cultivate Understanding, Entertainment, and something new that She had not yet considered: Influence.

As a self-described Universal agent of Quantum Manipulation through Will and Energy Harvesting, Helbane was pleased to find that Godville's custom of champion creation offered Her a unique way to experiment with the metaphysical properties of the Collective Mind. It has long been understood by those fragments of Source still strongly connected with their Origin that the primal energy which constitutes the Source can be directed, either consciously or subconsciously, by all fragments of Source regardless of their respective levels of awareness. Fragments which garner higher levels of directed energy become more powerful and thus, can affect more, perceive more, and experience more. The creation of Her own champion gave Helbane a direct link into a new network of specially filtered energy, ripe for the gathering.

Fortunately for Helbane, She had already conceived of a new self-fragmentation that She felt would be appropriate for Her purposes. She reached deep into Herself and drew forth a strand of energy, sinuous and serpentine. She shaped its astral form into a symbol widely recognized for its power, wisdom, and ferocity: a mighty Dragon, with shining scales of starlight and a heart of passionate flame. She imbued this soul strand with Her Will and Intention, then folded it somewhat haphazardly into an insufferably fragile bipedal vessel. Why She chose such a weak shell for Her precious soulstuff is a question even She can't answer... it just seemed like a good idea at the time.

Now poor Embr finds himself stuck with this new and questionable iteration. His Higher Purpose is undoubtedly esoteric, but his occupation and the inherent limitations of his manifestation lock his simulated fragmentation into a peculiarly half baked (yet puzzlingly familiar) routine of fight, drink, sleep, and repeat. Naturally, sometimes he questions the meaning of it all, but Helbane graciously helps provide him with plenty of distractions.