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Endingless quests part 2

Ask the mirror who's the fairest of them all

Do what's possible where possible with whatever's available

Find someone else's happy place

Milk a cow for all it's worth

Read some tea leaves to see if there's trouble brewing

Mind everyone else's business

Rewrite questing's safety procedures

See who's laughing now

Turn up the silence until it's audible

Light up %town_name% with eyes' sparks

Try a saint's patience

No Quest List(mini-quests not included):

Accurately predict doomsday

Avenge own death

Climb the tallest beanstalk to have a bird's eye view of Godville (epic)

Complete a fool's errand

Find the most evil monster

Invite a turkey to a holiday dinner

Make sure all their base are belong to us

Not complete this quest