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Renegade honored.png Builder 2nd.png Favorite 2nd.png Saint 2nd.png Animalist 3rd.png Careerist 3rd.png Champion 3rd.png Hunter 3rd.png Martyr 3rd.png
Deities of Godville
Found Alt-self 
Hero I Am Found
Personality Distant
Gender Male
Motto "Lost & Found, Still Lost!"
Howling Moon


I see you have stumbled unto my GodWiki page. That's awesome. Of course you are free to read what's written here on my page, but I would greatly appreciate it if no one else make any unnecessary edits to my page, since it is mine, after all. Thank you for visiting my page, which is currently under construction at the moment.


Found Alt-self

Found Alt-self is a god who has been in Godville for 757 days, who has a hero named I Am Found. When he finds his motivation, creativity and time, he makes and edits a few GodWiki articles that pique his interest, like his latest work, the monster called New Times Roman. He is available in the forums, and also likes voting in the ideabox. He is currently trying to submit new ideas to the ideabox as well, but let's see what happens on that front. He has written a 'chronicle' for his hero, but has no idea if it's any good. If you would like to have him as a friend, you are always welcome to use one 'Invite to Godville' for him.

I Am Found

I Am Found, a level 48 hero, is one of the three Hall of Fame members of the guild Howling Moon. His pet is a 1 year 4 months old, level 13 Trojan Horse named Shelby who he likes riding on. As for most other heroes, he is a lovable stupid character who is almost finished with his temple for Found Alt-self. He wishes that his god wouldn't leave him for very long next time since he has already achieved the Honored Renegade achievement.

Additional Info

Check this for more info: [1]