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Apothecary in a bottle

Artifacts of Godville
Apothecary in a bottle
Type Healing
Description Made in Healiopolis
Value 10 gold

Category:ArtifactsCategory:Healing Artifacts


Are you a busy hero that has better things to do than learn how to tie your own bandages together?

Then what you need is the new, revolutionary, Apothecary in a Bottle!!!

This healing artifact is like no other: inside every bottle is a fully licensed and accredited genie trained in medicinal arts!

Our specially trained apothecary djinns are trained in ALL OF THE FOLLOWING:

  • Potion Crafting
  • Wound Cauterizing
  • CPR
  • Kissing the Boo-Boos until they are better

Don't delay, buy your own APOTHECARY IN A BOTTLE today!

(Disclaimer: The Doctor Academy is not liable for any death, undeath, loss of limbs or painful agony caused by the use of this product. Always check the expiration date, do not operate heavy machinery or transportation skills two hours after using this product. Do not use with alcohol.)

Double cross

Artifacts of Godville
Double cross
Double Cross Coin.png
Type Normal
Description A completely everyday and normal item.
Value 134



The "Double Cross", contrary to popular belief to be a figurative object, is, in fact, a polished brass coin minted by an unknown artist approximately in 1800 g.e.. The Double Cross was then found buried deep under the ground in the surrounding suburbs of Godville in 2294 g.e. and has since changed owners until it was lost by a careless merchant in 2673 g.e.. The coin's Merchant's price would have summed up to 2000 Coins when it was lost as both brass and metallic art was scarce. However, due to a unexpectedly large metal vein discovery by Sir Lincoln Leichester, a renowned dog in Dogville in 2756 g.e., metal prices steeply reduced and artists all over Godville started to use the cheap metals in their works. Since the material and style used to make the original Double Cross is indistinguishable from the modern coin artworks, the trading price for it now is very little (134 Coins).

Where to find

In the surrounding vicinity of Godville, while questing.


Below is a list of known events gathered subject to the Double Cross Coin:

  • Produced by unknown artist
    -approx. 1800 g.e.
  • Uncovered by the Godville Archaeologist Foundation
    -2294 g.e.
  • Donated to the guild Godville's Regiment for safekeeping
    -2294 g.e.
  • Accidently mistaken for an ordinary coin and traded with local Godville tax officers
    -2338 g.e.
  • Taken from the Godville Bank by a gang of Thieving Vending Machine led by a mysterious occultist
    -2545 g.e.
  • Extracted as spare change from the remains of a Thieving Vending Machine by a hero
    -2672 g.e.
  • The same hero traded the it to a merchant who conveniently mistook its true price and instead exchanged 600 Coins for the artifact
    -2672 g.e.
  • The artifact has since then been dropped coincidentally in the same region where it had once been found; the suburbs of Godville and has remained unfound ever since
    -2673 g.e.

Trojan Horse

Monsters of Godville
Trojan Horse
Class Inorganic Mammal
Habitat Forest
Description Large, wooden horse
Tameable at levels 30–44
Feature Riding


Category:Pets The Trojan Horse (Equus troiam "horse of troy") is a very rare tamable monster in Godville.

Trojan Horses are truly Marvels of nature. They are large horse-like creatures whose bodies are completely devoid of organs. They still breathe and eat, but they are hollow on the inside. This allows for easy, but not very comfortable, travel. They are rarely found as pets or near civilization, preferring wide open spaces due to their large size. They are relatively gentle though and aren't known to attack passing travelers. They have been used in war, however. Soldiers have been known to hop inside them (the horse swallows them) and ride inside until at the destination. This allows for easy transport of many troops. Being easy to train, practical, and naturally docile, these are some of the best, but rarest, creatures you can find.

The most famous use of a Trojan horse was in Greek history. The Greeks were besieging the city of Troy, and they weren't doing very well. Fortunately, a kind God took pity on them and sent them his hero with his pet horse. The siege was successful and the horse became legendary.

Trojan Horses have also been sighted stealing gold from passing travelers and heroes alike.


  • Can cause wicked splinters
  • Large hollow middle, perfect for hiding in
  • Has thick apple-sized teeth made of hardwood


  • Termites
  • Extensive periods of time in damp environments
  • Fear of fire
  • Has difficult time finding large enough horse shoes
  • May occasionally barf up a hero

Terminator T-34

Monsters of Godville
Terminator T-34
Class Exterminator
Habitat all good battlefields
Description Shiny, with glowing red eyes and a severe attitude
Death Rattle I'll be back!
Boss Type Above-Ground


Category:Boss-MonstersThe Terminator T-34 is a monster that was created by plans off the internet in the near future. It was sent from back in time to hunt down any hero that it perceives to be a threat to its core program - to allow the Machines to rule over Godville.

Its hard metallic alloy body makes it nearly indestructible and its wide array of weapons makes it versatile in combat.

All Terminator T-34's are made of Lithic-Titanium alloys reinforced by Carbontubes. They have an artificial skin covering them, allowing them to look like humans. The only exception is their glowing red eyes.


  • Metallic body which is impervious to most attacks.
  • Weight - Can crush you if it sits on you.
  • Devoid of feelings
  • Also has the power to turn all that it touches to gold.
  • Internal combat information database means it can fight like a hero


  • Electricity - preferably by your own divine bolt.
  • Weight - hard to move around.
  • Molten metal will make it inoperable
  • Internal combat information database means it can fight like a hero

Mace of amnesia

Equipment of Godville
Mace of amnesia
Description Blunt weapon
Worn 🗡️Weapon
Durability +50



The Mace of Amnesia lay forgotten for centuries before an adventurous heroine delved deep enough into the Crypt of Medial Temporal Lobe Damage to stumble upon it by accident in a long-forgotten chest.

And there it remained for several more centuries, as, with a full inventory, the heroine was unable to take it back to town, nor able to remember where she had found it later. Or that she'd found anything at all. Or anything at all.

It wasn't until hundreds of years later that another enterprising heroine stumbled upon the same chest in the same crypt, falling quite heavily and bumping her head badly on the crypt's ancient, cold, hard, stones. When she awoke she was surprised and delighted to find the Mace of Amnesia gently resting against a painful bruise on the left side of her head.

To this day we don't know the name (or origin) of that lucky young lady, but if we did, we would use it to thank her for bringing the Mace of Amnesia back to Godville. Also for beating monsters senseless with it and taking all their items of value from them.


Towns of Godville
Home milestone 35
Map code BB
Known for Lavish parties and good savings, weaker prayers
Motto Senses Never Forget!



Beerburgh, officially the Hamlet of Beerburgh, is located at the junction of the River Kraktor and the River Stinks and is considered the 6th most populated city of the known realms. It has a population of almost 3,000 with this number ballooning to over 8,000 during the Beer Festival months. Most of the buildings that dot the hamlet are either breweries or inns with microbreweries, making this town the highest per capita density of intoxicated people.

Game Notes

  • Heroes waste more money here than usual (but heroes with temples will also save more money toward retirement here).


Heroes are more prone to wasting money on alcoholic drinks in this town than in any other, usually in the region of 50-99% of their Gold.

Due to this, an Aura of abstinence is needed to visit this town without any risk due to the fact it blocks the temptation of beer.

!Hero's Diary
21:11 Passed by a billboard with words on it: 'Beerburgh - non-drinking heroes wanted'


Beerburgh used to be an Elvish settlement known as Kheebler populated by peaceful Elves intent on baking superfluous amounts of baked goods. In the Great Elf-Dwarf War, the Dwarves doped the baked goods with Dwarven Ale, the most potent form of alcoholic beverage in existence. While the Elves were in a drunken stupor after eating the doped cookies, the Dwarves invaded and easily captured the hamlet.

Converting the bakeries into breweries, the Dwarves renamed the settlement Beerburgh in honor of their resounding victory over the intoxicated Elves. While the Dwarves were drunk celebrating their victory, however, the Humans stealthily invaded and quickly captured the town from under their noses. Since then, the town has become the bastion of beer and other alcoholic beverages in the known worlds with some of the strongest lager being available in copious amounts and exported on a monthly basis to other settlements throughout the realms.

Some 300 years ago, a character calling himself the Terrible Toy Tinker attempted to siege Beerburgh, but was thwarted by several of the local lamplighters who torched his army of wooden toys in the middle of the night. These lamplighters would go on to found the Ashbringer's Garrison. While the Terrible Toy Tinker escaped the event, it is not known what came of him in the years since.

This event, later called the Tinker's Flame, was the most dangerous thing to ever happen in Beerburgh for about 275 years. When that time went by, another tragedy occurred. This was to be known as the Draught of Sobriety. It happened like this: One day, a brewer visited his brewery, when to his alarm, he found out that he was out of beer. So, he rushed over to his neighbor and was shocked to find that they were in the same predicament! Together, they ran around town and found out that everyone in the town was out of beer! This was eventually solved when a traveling merchant with several hundred gallons of beer passing through was brutally assaulted and killed in order to take his beer, however, the town was never quite the same.

A typical Beerburgh tavern


The Hamlet of Beerburgh resides in a hilly, uneven landscape flanked by the River Kraktor, a commercial transit highway that delivers the precious lager to Tradeburg where it is sold, and the River Stinks, the longest river in the world that brings all sorts of refuse south to the Qu'tox Ocean. The western portion is somewhat more elevated than the eastern portion of the hamlet, a geographic feature that promotes stumbling and eventually falling down especially when intoxicated.

Distinctive Features

Beerburgh is best known for three distinctive varieties of beer: LOLager, ROFLager and FMLager. LOLager being the tamest while FMLager having the notoriety of putting even the stoutest warrior under the table. The tourist trade in Beerburgh is very strong with a particular surge of visitors during the beer months, particularly October and November. Most of these tourists often have to cut their vacations short, however, as their copious consumption of ale often leaves them penniless within days.

The Mayor

Beerburgh residents are very weary of people who are sober more than an hour a day and therefore people who are qualified to hold an office never get elected in Beerburgh. However of the 3,000 normal residents few actually give a darn about politics and those who do are really just lying to themselves. Elections only occur in Beerburgh when there are at least two candidates. So hence it took forever for the previous mayor to retire. He did finally after a man played a drunken prank on a friend. The friend in exchange bet 500 gold bricks that the man couldn't become mayor of Beerburgh and so he entered the race. Both friends laughed it out over five pints of FMLager each. The elections were held the next day while they were completely incapacitated. The election was close; the man won by one vote. Some drunken bum came into the voting office looking for a restroom and the man's ballet box hole was good enough. What he left was also good enough to count as a vote, the only one. He got his bricks along with the worst job in town. Analysts predict that he will be mayor for life as no two people are expected to run at the same time within his lifespan. Lucky for him, he often gets intoxicated enough that he will eat anything which could potentially lead to being lethal. However with heroes always trying to promote their guilds, it is unlikely that he will ever die as easily as just choking.

!Hero's Diary
06:00 The mayor of Beerburgh suddenly started choking during a public ceremony. I leapt from the crowd, yelled out 'Not on 'guild's watch!' and performed the Heimlich maneuver until the mayor coughed up a leprechaun and started to breathe again. They'll remember our guild around here, that's for sure.