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Deities of Godville
Hero Jack Frosticon
Personality Insane, Wise
Gender Male
Favourite Town Wastelands of Insomnia
Ober Tour And Travel

(Under Construction). A vision of Falsakhar's temple. Also called the tower of madness. Many insane pilgrims will go to this temple and will never come back out.
Falsakhar's Face, symbolising that the universe is on his force and that everthing in it is insane (the hand gesture)

Falsakhar is the God of insanity and madness. He shows his champion divine wraths by helping him fighting monsters. Also he likes to deal with mortals and offers them tempting pacts, which they are going to regret in the end. Falsakhar's champion Jack Frosticon wanders in Godville and has been trying to build a temple for his God. Many have claimed to see Falsakhar as a human in a dark red robe with a hood. Different from the other Gods, Falsakhar decides to play the bad outcast role of a God, being evil, so that things get their balance.

People who don't get any fair treatment in the world are always welcome to be the prayers of Falsakhar. Crowds see the Goddess Falsakhar as deseaseful monster of malady and Falsakhar is mostly infamous.

One day Falsakhar saw something new in the universe that didn't come from Godville. It felt like a lost soul wandering around the world in order to find a new place to live. So the Goddess Falsakhar crashed that thing down to Godville with an asteroid and it found out that the "thing" is his future champion, Jack Frosticon in a spaceshuttle.

God Falsakhar's way to get a champion! Jack Frosticon, the chosen one, fell off from his space shuttle because an asteroid hit his space shuttle!
God Falsakhar also plays around with his champion when he's bored.
Three holy signs of the God Falsakhar : 1st. Unconciousness 2nd. Trance 3rd. Reborn

Falsakhar Overworld Kingdom

In the overworld, Falsakhar owns a kingdom, Falrikus Arcania. The overworld itself is a completely another dimension, then the world of Godville heroes. So many Gods live in the Overworld who try to influence their heroes life. Falsakhar lives in the overworld and he daily creates more than 100 minions who protect his kingdom. These minions are supposed to be Falsakhar's Apocalyptic warriors.

The kingdom itself, is made by the prayings of the mortals. Falsakhar's prayers who died come to this kingdom. Their souls will be absorbed into the kingdom. Through their acts in the mortal living, they gain themselves their places in the kingdom. There are five districts in the Kingdom of Falsakhar.

Falsakhar's Kingdom, Falrikus Arcania


The district under the four is the Dornecron. In this district, every inferior mortal souls, such as normal citizen, farmers, sinners or the damned can live here. Sometimes the Soul-absorbing Portal accidentally absorbed the souls of mortals who had another gods. They will be delivered in the circling towers to be send back to their gods or back to the mortal world. This district is watched by 70% of Arsylock Minions and 30% of guarding souls.


The district above Dornecron is Mophiris. This District is created for Mortals, who have wild souls. These Mortals would be soldiers, barbarians, knights, brawlers and all those kind of beings who have prayed Falsakhar. The three circling towers, Vydious, Darinoux and Argaton also belong to this district. These three towers are built to watch and defend the whole kingdom from another God's forces and attacks. Also these towers are made to send souls that are lost in Falsakhar's kingdom back to their Gods. This district is watched by 60% guarding souls, 20% hooded Mages, 15% Gargantua Minions and 5% Arsylock Minions.


The third district, which is the largest district in the Falsakhar's kingdom is Panorikus. The souls who live here are monks, samaritans, priests and those who try to inprove Falsakhar's religion. These souls still can regain the power of prayings in the Afterlife. 70% Arsylock Minions, 20% Guarding Souls, 5% hooded Mages and 5% Gargantua minions.


The fourth district is Kiranaya, created for the elite souls, such as high priests, prophets, champions and saints. Those souls are gathered here and they have forces to control some things in the hierarchy of Falsakhar's Overworld Kingdom. This district is watched by 50% Hooded Mages, 20% Arsylock Minions, 20% guarding souls and 10% Gargantua minions.


The last district is the Place of Rebirth, Aporika. In this place, souls are sent to the mortal life to be born back again or to fill the bodies who lost their souls in Coma. Culturi, the third Overlord of Falsakhar rules here with his Gargantua Minions. This district is watched by each 30% of Arsylock minions, Hooded Mages and Gargantua minions and 10% of guarding Souls.


Anurak - Falsakhar's Apocalyptic Warlord

Anurak is one of those minions, that Falsakhar has created. Falsakhar decided to create him more advanced than the other inferior minions, so that he can rules the minions in the world of Unconciousness (see the 3 holy signs of Falsakhar above). The world of Unconciousness is the most nearest Overworld's stage to the world of the Godville heroes. Now this stage is ruled and protected by Anurak and his 13 legions of Arsylock minions.

Anurak, the first Overlord in Falsakhar's kingdom and his Arsylock minions

Arsylock Minion

This creature is created by Falsakhar, in order to protect the world of Unconciousness. This creature is used in battlefield and almost invulnerable. They can master any melee weapons technique and it is also an agile creature being. Their bones and horns are made of ancient hardened flame-stick, which only exist in Falsakhar's empire. This creature is ruled by Anurak, the Apocalyptic Warlord.

An Arsylock minion, fully armored

Ragune - Falsakhar's Overworld Guardian

Ragune is one of those minions, that Falsakhar has created. Slightly different than Anurak, Ragune is blessed with wings, so that he can watch over the whole world of Trance (the second holy sign of Falsakhar). The world of Trance is the next stage over the world of Unconciousness. This stage is protected by Ragune and his 45 legions of hooded mages (just some different kind of minions)

Ragune, the second Overlord in Falsakhar's kingdom and his hooded Mages.

Culturo - Falsakhar's Empire Custodian

Culturo is one of those minions, that Falsakhar has created. Culturo is the third Overlorld in Falsakhar's kingdom and he's the Connector between the other two Overlords and Falsakhar. He rules the world of Rebirth, the upper level stage of Falsakhar's empire. This stage is protected by Culturo and his 99 legions of Gargantua minions.

Culturo, the third Overlord in Falsakhar's kingdom and his Gargantua minions.