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Hi, I'm GodElementarion . I am known by many names, especially the five that my heroes know me by.

The history of my heroes' ancestors can be read here or in each their chronicles (please rate!):

The Noh-Wayi Saga

Age of the Homeland

Island of Noh-Wayi

Far, far away from the lands of Godville lies the island Noh-Wayi. Nowadays, half of it is covered in mud and the other half in soapwater, but once it was a great nation - well, a great nation on one half, a huge junkyard of a nation on the other half.


On the western side of Noh-Wayi, laid the shining nation of Bah-Bling, with it's platinum towers and silver waters. A nation of pride, Bah-Bling was a Utopia. Every person lived a good life. Noone was ever in lack of anything. People lived in peace.


On the eastern half, in Ripoolsadh, it was a different story. This half of the island was muddy and dirty, and the people here were lucky if they even had a roof. The Ripoolsadhan had been repulsed by the Bah-Blingi for decades.

The Big Ripoolsadhan Departure

One day, the Ripoolsadhan people couldn't take any more. They attacked Bah-Bling in a bloody revolt, killing thousands on both sides. Eventually, the Ripoolsadhan army, who were mainly uneducated farmers, had to retreat. They decided to leave the island to start new lives on the nearby continent of Azaeloth. As a final, stubborn action before the Departure, some of their agents sabotaged the Bah-Blingi holy soapwater tanks, covering the whole Bah-Bling in soapwater, leaving it uninhabitable. The soapwater is still there. The people of Bah-Bling had to leave the island too, going to the western plainlands.

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The angry and violent Ripoolsadhans travelled southwards across the sea to the continent of Azaeloth. Here they met an army carrying a red and black banner; a red, waning gibbous moon. Some of the Ripoolsadhans wanted to follow these people, and were trained in the art of battle.

The Cleansing

However, the cult (known as Harvest Moon) were strongly disliked by other inhabitants of Azaeloth. After a few years, armies started hunting down the members. The remaining members left the continent in a large ship headed towards the far-away land of Godville.

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Western Plainlands

The Bah-Blingi people, after the Soap Incident, left Noh-Wayi for the plainlands to the west. Most of them had lost everything, and their situation was turned upside down. They wandered on the plains for 86 years, not knowing what to do next, until one of them found an endless bag of seeds in a mysterious cave. (None of them noticed the pouches of gold scattered on the cave floor, though.)

The Split on the Plains

Not all of the Bah-Blingi were pleased with others' newfound love of sowing seeds for no reason, never to harvest them. One day, a heated argument led to the Bah-Blingi splitting into two groups.

The group that were against the sowing, left in anger. They went west, into the desert of Python. The remaining group, who now dubbed themselves the Sowing Sun, turned south.

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Sowing Sun by the Strait

The Sowing Sun travelled for weeks southwards. Eventually, they got to the coast. One of the men noticed land in the distance - it was a strait, not the ocean. He told the others, and together they decided to build fleets and cross the water.

Desert of Python

The group of Bah-Blingi were walking for 40 days in the desert of Python, nearly dying of dehydration. But on the 41st day in the desert, one of the Bah-Blingi saw what he thought was a hallucination. It wasn't. The medium-sized army of knights was absolutely real.

The Bah-Blingi were not hard to convince. The knights - who said "Ni!" a lot - gave the thirsty travellers food and water. Even tea. The travellers joined the knights in their travel southwards, except a stubborn few. No one ever heard from those few again.

The Knights by the Strait

The Knights, unlike the Sowing Sun, knew where they were going. They had heard tales about a land called Godville, which sounded much better than their homeland, Monty.

They finally approached the strait. With a loud "NI!" the Knights boarded small, red boats they had brought from Monty, crossing the Strait. Finally. Finally in Godville.

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The arrival of Harvest Moon

At the south-east coast of Godville, a great ship from Azaeloth arrived. Inside were the remaining Harvesters of the Moon. They were met with fear and respect, unlike the hatred in Azaeloth. The cult started growing, and their descendants are now one of the largest "guilds" in the land of Godville.

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The World's Apex and Herolympus

90 years later, Sowing Sun crossed the Strait, and landed by the coast of a mountainous area. The mountains reached far up in the sky.

Through a thin mountain pass, the Sowing Sun followers came out by a town. Most of them had seen a town (the original Bah-Blingi were dead after years on the townless plain, these were their decendants), so they were very curious. They soon found that the inhabitants called this mountain town Herolympus.

The Sowing Sun finally established itself as a guild, and are now growing. The endless bag of seeds is currently flooding the guild mansion storage with seeds.

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Northern coast

The Knights (who said "Ni!") reached the shore at the northern coast of Godville two months after the Sowing Sun. The happy Knights shouted "NI!" so loud that even people on the Sacred Archipelago thought they heard something in the distance.

The "Knights who say Ni", as they were named by the population (slightly annoyed by their "Ni!" outbursts), became one of the most successful guilds in Godville.


(Note: You can find the story from each hero's perspective in the chronicles of each - however less detailed than on this page.)


A follower of the god GodElementarion , Aricatus Demond is an evil descendant of the Ripoolsadhan and a devoted member of Harvest Moon. He is the cousin of Reflectus, and a far away relative of Flaregun and Lozot.


This good hero, who prays to GodLifesupport404  (a.k.a. LS404) comes from a long line of Sowing Sun followers. He is a far away relative of Aricatus, Flaregun and Reflectus (Flaregun closer than the others).


This good knight is watched over by his lord GodAltion  both in and out of arena. He is a far away relative to Lozot, and an even farther away relative to Aricatus and Reflectus. He has a maniacal obsession with the word "Ni".

Reflectus (born Malus Demond)

Cousin of Aricatus and far away relative of Lozot and Flaregun, Reflectus comes from a long line of evil. Though his parents (Lucius (Aricatus's uncle) and Narcissa Demond) tried everything, they could not turn their son evil. Reflectus has intention of joining the Blue Feather guild, thereby breaking an age-old tradition in his family. He follows the benevolent god GodMirrorin .

Internet Connection

Half-brother of Aricatus (same mother), Internet was born from an affair between Patella "Patty" Demond and Draco Connection. Upon his birth, his mother was forced to place him in an orphanage. He is now an evil hero following the GodAlmighty Wi-Fi .

Other relatives of my heroes

Lucius Demond

Father of Reflectus, brother of Scorpius Demond, husband of Narcissa Demond.

Patella "Patty" Demond (born Avery)

Wife of Scorpius Demond, lover of Draco Connection, mother of Aricatus Demond and Internet Connection.

Draco Connection

Lover of Patty Demond, father of Internet Connection, killed by Scorpius Demond.

Scorpius Demond

Father of Aricatus Demond, husband of Patty Demond, brother of Lucius Demond, killer of Draco Connection.

Narcissa Demond

Wife of Lucius Demond, mother of Reflectus.