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Obviously this isn't a diarybar template. I'm using this old subpage to test a quest-verification template.


The results of the verification. This can't be done automatically; provide the result you find when clicking the link.
Sign this parameter as you would a talk page. If the status of the quest changes over time, this allows future investigators to see when, and by whom, the last good check was made.
The exact name of the quest to be checked (though case shouldn't matter). If this parameter is omitted, the name of the current page will be used.
Default is 14em


This template uses the Endlingless Quest Check system as a way to test if a quest exists in Godville, or not. When you click the "Verify it yourself" link, you'll be shown a strange page which indicates whether the quest does or does not exist in the game. Only the first line of this strange page is informative.

Understanding the results

If the following text appears:

Element.update("q_status", "There is no quest to “quest name”.");
Element.update("q_end", "");

then, as the text says, there is no quest by that name. You should set |exists=no, and |checked=~~~~.

If either of the following appear:

Element.update("q_status", "The quest to “quest name” already has an ending.");
Element.update("q_end", "");
Element.update("q_status", "The quest to “quest name” has NO ending yet.");
Element.update("q_end", (A lot of junk here)

then there is a quest by that name. You should set |exists=yes, and |checked=~~~~.

What should I do if a quest doesn't exist?

Well, firstly, you should update the status of the quest according to the instructions above.

Next, well, this is where things get tricky. The quest needs to be investigated. There are three main possibilities:

  1. The quest was never in the game, and was added to the Godwiki in error
  2. The quest name was corrected, and the wiki has not been updated
  3. The quest has been removed from the game, because it's inappropriate or simply not interesting enough

Investigating this takes quite a lot of time, and is a lot to do with experience, so you may not wish to investigate it yourself. However, here are some things to try:

  • Search the List of Quests for a similar quest name. It's possible that if the quest was corrected, or added to the Godwiki with an error, then the correct name has then been added separately. (This seems to happen quite a lot.)
  • Look at the quest name yourself and think of corrections that could have been made. Apostrophes or punctuation? Are there gendered words that could be replaced with non-gendered words? Are there pronouns and possessive adjectives (me, you, my, your) that won't work in all sentences? You can manually test every variation you think of against the Endlingless Quest Check page.
  • Search the forums. You can search for the exact phrase, but often it helps to only search for keywords (words which are unlikely to have been corrected to something else). It can be difficult to get useful results from this, as there is about 11 years worth of roleplaying and chat to sort through, but sometimes you find exactly what you need.
  • Search the Godwiki for keywords which are unlikely to have been corrected to something else. Be sure to include everything in your search, especially user and talk pages, as you may find something relevant. (For example, if a user has listed the quest name as an accepted idea of theirs, and that is the same user who added it to the wiki. That suggests it was added before it was actually seen in game, and may have been accepted but not added, or corrected in ER.)

You may or may not find conclusive evidence in your research, but either way, you should use an appropriate Talk page to record your results. This stops other people from duplicating your results, and will inform a discussion of what should be done about the nonexistent quest. If you feel your research has an obvious conclusion — a quest with a very similar name exists, or the quest was discussed on the forums for removal from the game, things like that — and it's obvious what needs to be done (correct the List of Quests, remove duplicates, move the quest's page to the correct name, etc) then you should go ahead and do it, but please show your working to other Godwiki editors, so we understand why you did that. If there's any doubt at all, then seek advice on the appropriate talk page. 😊