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The Devine GodDaring Dara 

About the Daring Goddess: Dara

Dara is one of the most, if not the most, daring of all the gods & goddesses in existence.

Innocently enough her path stemmed from simple child-like curiosities but it is now rapidly unwinding into pure, dark trouble. Hoping to avoid confrontation with the universal law-makers & its enforcers, her questionable lifestyle has lead her to a life of solitude & stress - both results of her sinful nature.

To the few beings she has let into her life, she has become well-known for pushing all the limits and boundaries given to the Devine. Dara is most supported by (& therefore paired with) the just as equally troublesome heroine, Sinness. [Sinness - the feminine form of Sin]

Daring Dara's Sinful Safe-House

As of the era-summer of '17, Dara's heroine has erected a purely gold-bricked temple complete with three bars and their related tender's, drug-lord living quarters, a massive gambling hall & an indoor pool-house; all for the goddess, in her name. Unique with its informally (or perhaps better said, infernally) sinful taste, the heroine's efforts were made with high hopes of providing the Goddess with a carefree, safe-zone to feel at home in while hiding away from the previously mentioned law-associates of the heavens.

Entering the temple is by invitation only. Permission is hereby granted to all current & past guild members (Harvest Moon & Lost Tribe) - as one must never forget the true color of their roots.

Heroine Sinness

Sinness & her retired beloved pet; the Great Scratchy, Dandy Lion.
Sinness & her nimble Pumba the Puma a.k.a. Were-Panther.