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Deities of Godville
Cham Almighty 
Heroine Georgiana1
Personality Unnerving
Motto Ask abt my vow of silence
Harvest Moon

All hail Georgiana1, most glorious of heroines!

On September 9, 2017, Georgiana1 was born. She wanted to be called Georgiana, but alas, that name was already taken.

Paralysed by indecision (and a complete lack of imagination), her divine Creatrix stuck a '1' on the end of the name, promising to bestow a new, more impressive name "very soon". Well, soon in goddess days....

Current pets

Georgiana1's active pet at the moment is Sooba the presidential seal, which is doggedly (or sealily) working its way towards level 30.

However, her treasured favourite is Baloo the unbearable grizzly. Baloo is currently stored in her ark, along with Oy the crypt creeper.

The third slot is empty, and is reserved either for a lava lamb (once Georgiana1 reaches level 30 and is eligible to tame one), or a special Christmas pet[1], whichever comes first.


Scrat the "Talking" Donkey

On December 20, 2020, Georgiana1 released into the wild her first –- and for a long time, her only -– pet: Scrat the talking donkey. Scrat had been with her for 3 years and 3 months, a constant companion in all but the first month of her existence. However, as he had been languishing in the ark for months on end, Georgiana1 realized Scrat would be much happier roaming the vast meadows of Godville. He is now out there enjoying his retirement, chomping on herbs of dubious legality, generally not-talking to the world in the way “talking” donkeys do, and not being ridden the way Godville donkeys aren't.

Farewell, dear Scrat! You will be remembered with fondness! And some irritation. But mostly fondness.[2]

Other former pets

  • Snowy the double dragon (which Cham renamed Feakle, after the village in Co. Clare, Ireland, before suddenly realizing it sounded like something else entirely)
  • Pilot the godvilla
  • Pumba the landshark.

ARTICLE: How to kill off a pet you don’t want

It's either time-consuming or difficult. Or both! So try to avoid the situation in the first place. Namely:

Don’t get your Animalist medal! The 1st Animalist medal is achieved automatically when one of your pets hits level 30. After that, it becomes exponentially harder for any of your pets to get knocked out, whatever their level may be.

I know, I know. That sounds like a good thing, right? Problem is, you will then find it much harder to rid yourself of a pet you don’t want, than to resurrect (or “rez”) a pet you do want. Would you like to have a riding, dungeoning, and/or sailing pet someday? That’s hard to do when you’ve got other pet(s) taking up the available room. Even when you obtain your ark, it has only 3 slots in which to store “inactive” pets. That storage space is finite, and it fill up quickly if you use a slot every time your hero/ine tames a pet you don’t want to keep. (And yes, you can get more slots by accumulating 1,000 more logs, but that takes even more time -- and a colossal number of charges!)

So, consider avoiding this achievement to start with. Let your pets stay knocked out from time to time, then release the less desirable ones when the opportunity arises. Of course, at some point you’ll probably encounter a pet you want to keep forever, and you’ll end up getting the achievement despite yourself. Just bear in mind it’s a mixed blessing!

Either way, once your hero/ine has obtained a pet you don’t want to keep, you must...

Wait until the unwanted pet is knocked out

There is no way to knock the pet out deliberately[3]. It’s a completely random occurrence in Godville.

That said, there’s a theory that keeping your heroine’s health low –- via punishes, for example -– will encourage the pet to throw itself in her path and get itself knocked out in her stead. Well, it’s a nice theory! Please try it and report back.

Whatever you do, DO consider setting notifications for when your pet is knocked out. That way you can take the following actions once the 60-hour period begins. Your hero/ine may possibly revive your pet otherwise!

Once it's knocked out, keep it that way for 60 hours

How do you do this? Two ways.

Keep your hero/ine poor

In other words, ensure s/he has insufficient gold to revive the pet. The amount of gold needed is reckoned as (pet level) times 450. For example, a level 20 pet will cost roughly 9,000 gold coins to resurrect. Your mission is to ensure the hero/ine doesn’t manage to collect that much.

This can be accomplished in several ways:

  • Send to arena and deliberately lose. (You can make a lot of friends this way, if you publicize in advance that’s what you’re doing! You can choose to time your drop with a friend, to maximize matching with someone who needs the cash.) There are, however, risks: (a) you might match to an AFK and actually win (this is one reason to avoid dropping during the :00-:05 ZPG period); (b) your win/loss ratio will tank – if that matters to you; © any friend who drops with you, but fails to get matched to the same arena, risks losing their existing gold in an unsuccessful fight with some third individual. (You may then become less popular.) For more information, see Losing for fun and profit by Asylum.
  • Extract expensive items from bingo, then DON’T redeem them by the time the Godville Times changes. This keeps your hero/ine from selling them, obviously. Note, a third extraction will give you their gold value – so only extract a maximum of 2 times.
  • Go on an AFK or “suicide” sail. Drowning in a sail takes some of your gold and items. I recommend deliberately sailing your ark into beasties to speed that up; try to be positioned on a reef at the same time for an extra-quick death. (Otherwise, there’s always a risk that your AFK ark will actually score some booty and exit successfully.)
  • Go on an AFK dungeon. If the party wipes during a dungeon boss, the boss will take around 1/3 or 1/2 of your gold. Furthermore, getting escorted out of the dungeon takes another portion of your gold and items! Of course, that also involves your teammates losing, too, so don’t do that unless you’re sure they’re inactive.
  • Miracle or godvoice your hero/ine’s quest to completion when they’ve got almost enough gold for a pet rez. This is especially helpful to do at bedtime, as there’s a better chance you’ll wake up with the pet still unrezzed. It’s also good to do whenever the timing is bad for one of the other methods for getting rid of gold (for example, if you’re still on arena, dungeon or sail cooldown).
  • Punish your hero/ine so they’re low on health, or use “Return to town” godvoice, so they go back to town to heal up. Try to do it when they’ve just passed a town that has good savings, bad trading and/or bad parties. Hopefully they’ll save their cash, squander it, or earn so little from their inventory that their gold won’t put you into the danger zone.
  • If your hero/ine has many inventory items and for whatever reason you can’t reduce their gold via the other methods, you can use godvoice to (uselessly) combine 2 items into one. Repeatedly. And don’t forget to combine more valuable bold items with ordinary ones. You’ll get a bold item as a result, but it won’t be activatable (more valuable).
  • A similar gambit is to activate a so-called ‘fuse’-type activatable artifact (enlightening bolt, hurricane in a bottle, ka-boombox, klil switch, monster repellent, piece of destruction paper). Fuse items try to melt a golden brick out of 3000 coins. The trick is to wait until your heroine has 3k, then activate the item. When she subsequently sells the resulting gold brick, she’ll typically get about 1k for it — two thousand less than you bought it for. In this way, you also avoid getting the gold she would have earned by selling the activatable artifact!

Kill your hero/ine

Use the DIE voice command to (temporarily) kill your hero/ine. This puts them out of commission for about 24 hours. They lose their gold and inventory when killed, too, which ensures they resurrect with no money whatsoever.

This is the most effective method of all, but also expensive and chancy, as hero/ines tend to ignore the DIE command unless they are under the influence of a personal or general aura of audibility (see the Voice of God entry for more details). Even then, it can take many repetitions of the command to get them to “hear” it… if they ever do!

Note: if you want your hero/ine to die, it could help to start with a negative alignment (so that they don’t heal up as quickly and persistently as positively-aligned hero/ines tend to do).

But why do you want to kill off your pet?

I get asked this a lot, mostly by newer players who can't imagine not wanting to keep their beloved pet forever.

At some point, I guarantee you'll want your hero/ine to have a specific pet (or pets) -- perhaps one with dungeoning or sailing abilities[4] -- and the one you've got doesn't have the useful abilities you're longing for. This doesn’t appear to be a problem when you first get your ark: after all, it comes with 3 slots for pets, so you can have up to 4 at a time! But then you realize that, if you throw unwanted pets in the ark every time they get tamed, the ark slots will quickly fill up and you won’t have any space for new ones that you really do want to keep.

This writer had the ambition of getting one “useless” pet (her heroine’s very first), one riding pet, one dungeoning pet, and one sailing pet. The first two were easily obtained[5]. The third pet was a second riding pet, and unfortunately also extremely long-lived since the first pet had reached level 39 and had earned its heroine the Animalist medal. When this unwanted pet got knocked out for the first time at level 24, the goddess recognized this was a precious opportunity -– possibly unique -– and devoted the next 60 hours to keeping the beast knocked out for the duration. Hence this post!

...And a wee update

As of August 31, 2020[6], ark owners can also release a healthy pet provided it has been in the ark’s storage contiguously for at least 6 months. This whole article is no longer the essential piece of craftiness it once was. Still, it's easier to avoid rezzing an unwanted pet than to obtain an ark and put the pet in it for half a year. So these tips still may be of some use.

Notes & References

  1. At the moment, there are only 2 tameable Christmas monsters: Santa Claws and Satan Claus. This goddess has submitted to the ideabox a new holiday monster called the Holly Terror. Well, it's fun to hope.
  2. Actually, mostly irritation.
  3. Some players (cough*me*cough) are still hoping the devs will create a pet-killing activatable artifact or some other mechanism that allows us to do the deed deliberately. So far, that hasn’t happened.
  4. Or perhaps you just want one that sounds cute, e.g. Significant otter.
  5. When your hero/ine has a low level, the only tameable pets are the ones with "lower" activities. This is actually a good thing! It's pointless to obtain a sailing pet when you haven't built your ark.
  6. Godville Blog, post 137: Free Willzyx