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Deities of Godville
Balance keeper 
Hero Knight of Balance
Personality Diplomatic
Gender Male
Motto ☥ Maintain the balance! ✔
Favourite Town Anville
Ankh-Morpork City Watch

Profile Of The Keeper, the keeper encourages you to check out his chronicles and rate them

Just why

my evil twin

Facts about the keeper

Balance Keeper is a rather young account compared to some older accounts,

Account created in 2016, found the app via the App Store.

Discord: Nukey6#4055

Likes: Roleplays, books or any stories

Dislikes: Rude players, cursing, when people excessively post bad puns, stubs

Has never been featured in Godville times (yet)

Balance Keeper recognizes that you may not want to type out Balance Keeper so he allows you to call him "Bal", "BK" or "the keeper" similarly you may call the Knight of Balance "KoB" or "The Knight" or even "TKoB Not in any notable places in the pantheons (yet)

About The Knight (of Balance)

The Knight has sworn a solemn oath to keep the balance via any means neccesary, he also has a great distaste for war, despite this he is more than willing to battle even the Godville Admins

Why I chose the AMCW

  1. They are very dedicated to keeping the balance
  2. Lots of active and wonderful people
  3. Due to their high ranks in the Pantheons I get many benefits
  4. I like their symbol (the Ankh) because it represents life.
  5. I like the bar and HQ
  6. Discworld is cool

My Roleplay OC


My Hero's OC

also moved