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Azareth is a younger God of only 85,000 years and chooses the path of goodness for his hero. Many gods consider him to be a weak God with no potential but is slowly learning new abilities to use. It is currently believed he has trickster abilities such as bending time and space and creating living beings for show. He even can move across different dimensions and gains power by feeding on the souls of the wicked and evil monsters.Azareth is the child of an ancient goddess and a three billion year old Administrator of unknown name. With this powerful lineage his blood and DNA he wishes to make a startling upbringing to the lands of Godville. It is also told long ago by a powerful prophet who said that he will become a being called the All-Powerful from absorbing too many souls. The prophet also said that this power will burn him away from the inside and slowly kill him after 10,000 years into his rule. His death will release the souls he swallowed into a supernova-like explosion and reduce Godville to burning ruins.