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Deities of Godville
The Long-winded and Benevolent Annieysa9898 
Heroine Fluffysa
Personality Nice enough, I guess
Motto She came, she saw, she ran away (and her goddess shook her head).

Annieysa9898 is a goddess who deeply regrets her username choice (though maybe it's a little bit funny).

She spends her time Encouraging her heroine when she does log on, and very occasionally spinning tales of lore on Godwiki, or submitting shorter yarns to the Ideabox to be processed and hopefully added to the pool of heroes' thoughts. Even more occasionally she might decide to work on editing articles, but this is almost so rare that she's Punished her heroine more times than she's edited articles.

She'd like to shout out to her guild, Psycho-Pass, because they've proven to be such a friendly, helpful bunch.


You can gather round if you enjoy narrative-backed articles about various monsters, often tinged with a little tragedy but hopefully enough humour to suit this universe.