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Deities of Godville
The Primordial Anciace 
Hero Griseo
Personality Creative and Analytical. Sometimes unintentionally rude, but good at heart.
Gender Male
Motto Blame your weaknesses!
Dihydrogen Monoxide

Anciace the Primordial, king of the Ancients has stumbled into Godville dragging a reluctant, disgruntled pixie named Griseo, having him serve has the King's hero. Many would think Anciace should be able to do things himself, since he can stop time and speed it up. However, Anciace often says he doesn't have time for that and has the gray mutant fairy do the dirty work for him. Either Anciace is lazy or he really hates using his time-manipulation. The truth to that is both. He fears that if he messes with the fabric of time, there will be consequences and prefers to build armies, lead nations, and prove that he can do anything without the need to manipulate time. If you ask him if he could go back in time, he says he could, but shouldn't. Time manipulation is apparently exhausting and extremely dangerous as well.