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Towns of Godville
Unsettlement creepy house.jpg
Part of the old heat-packing factory.
Home milestone 48
Map code US
Known for Cheap parties and bad savings, better prayers.

Unsettlement is a town that exudes a strange aura of discomfort, or as some would say, "unsettlement." All of the people here act strangely and look expectantly at heroes (or, oddly, a little bit past heroes' heads). The townspeople never answer questions.[1]

For some reason, the discomfort causes heroes and heroines to pray more often. Safety is the general subject of the prayers.

The town hall hides a dungeon in its basement, but no one goes down there. Some say there's a terrible secret hidden there, but most are content to ignore it, and the atmosphere of unease it generates...


Unsettlement is located directly between the Sleepless Hollow and the Wastelands of Insomnia. Some attribute the general sense of unease to strange forces flowing between these territories. The outer-spiral side of town, which is closer to the Wastelands, hosts greater numbers of taverns and fewer inns, likely due to the wakeful influences seeping through the border. The inner-spiral side of town, which is closer to the Hollow, hosts greater numbers of shady trader shops and hostels.[2]


Though it was once at the epicenter of heat-packing industry, Unsettlement's economy collapsed shortly after a melt-down at the factory.[3] The town spent several years in steep decline, before the Godville Diplomatic Corps decided to build a Consular Outpost there to make contact with the Gnomish residents of Sleepless Hollow and the Dark Elven residents of the Wastelands of Insomnia. It is now undergoing a renaissance on the wings of Human-Gnome-Dark Elf-Monster diplomatic relations.

The Dark Elves hold that the "terrible secret" under Unsettlement is the Spirit of Insomnia. The Gnomes argue that it is simply an intense concentration of monsters fed on startite to defend underground cities. Heroes and heroines at the local offices of The Whinery moan their certainty that it is the reincarnation of the Leveler. Diplomats at the Consulate generally ignore it.

Footnotes and References

  1. Probably because they're too busy scamming heroes out of their money.
  2. The Hollow only bears its name by dint of running on coffee grown in the Wastelands.
  3. Though the suspected arson was ultimately found to be an accident resulting from a psychotic breakdown due to extreme sleep deprivation, the insurance policy on the buildings had recently lapsed, so the company declared bankruptcy rather than rebuilding. The Godville Department of Environmental Preservation then declared the ruins a radio-biological hazard. There are no current plans to clean it up, but several potential quests have been advanced on the matter.
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