Unregistered Pet

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Monsters of Godville
Unregistered Pet
Companio incognitus
Class Unknown
Habitat Here, there, and everywhere
Totem for Wadhurst ⚜️ 
Description A secret pet

The Unregistered Pet (Companio incognitus) is a monster.

General Information

While most pets are with their masters, sometimes these heroes forget to get their pets registered. It might be because they might want to leave their pets and find new ones or it might be because they simply could not find the old registration papers to be renewed.

Whatever be the reason, the pets do not like to be left hanging this way and while most learn to live with this, some can't. These pets start holding a grudge against the Heroes as their hatred for their previous masters increase. Some in their hearts crave a new master or their previous master back and are actually searching for them.

Due to this, when encountering a Hero, they might attack the pet the Hero currently has in the hope of becoming their pet. They might attack the hero himself for all the hate they harbour.

Defeating them depends on their size and hero's capability.