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Champion of the God: Magnificent Nuke
Personality: BAMF
Gender: Male
Level: 41
Motto: Get to the CHOPPAAAA!
Guild: Lost Tribe
Guild Rank: chief master
Pet Type: Solar Bear
Pet Name: Chewy
Pet Level: 3
Personal Rival: arenabrab


Ulbabrab is a very big man with a very big beard that's blue. Infact in is native language, Abrab mean beard and ulb means blue. He was born in a castle near a city that no one rember neither him and is mother called him bluebeard cause he was born with this big blue beard and also, bigger than normal kid. Everyone in the castle were pretty sure that he had giant blood on is veins, but the mother was virgin... i mean... his past is not very clear and a lot of people tell different things about him. But enough about is child life, cause his father get him addicted to beer since he was 2 years old.

A New Adventure

When he was 18 years old Ulbabrab decided to leave his castle for a long trip to nowhere place that he still can not find, but, after somedays he found something precius. A stone, with his god face on it, behind this stone there was written

"If you find this, please pray to Magnificent Nuke for your entire life and he'll be your god and friend, he'll watch on you when he'll be sober"

Ulbabrab that didn't know how to read proprely decided that on this stone were written "If you pray for Nuke you'll have beer" And then, after a long party with beer and only him as guest he teleported to godville, a magnific place where everything was new.

First death and stuff

Only two month later Ulbabrab was walking on route 66 or something like that, where he found a friend, i mean, he was sure that it was a friend but this "friend" thing actually killed him and ate his meat. The adventure wasn't over cause magnificent Nuke ressurected him. Ulbabrab after that was sure that there was only one way to survive, pray for Magnificent Nuke so he did. After 5 month more or less he meet his first pet, Nipper, a significant useless otter that only after almost 1 year as been relased from the cruel slavery. Ulbabrab found a new friend, a solar bear that he called Chewy, he's not a slave cause is more bigger and dangerous than an otter but he's the only real friend that ulbabrab has. For now that's all but remeber, this is only the beginning