Two tickets to paradise

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Artifacts of Godville
Two tickets to paradise
Type 💎Bold
Description Not the paradise you think of.

Printed by a shifty trader known as Eddie Money, these are two tickets to the nicest place in Godville: a small village in Gloucestershire named Paradise.

The tickets aren't actually necessary for a hero to own in order to be able to go there, but some traders might buy them off the hero anyway (and sell the tickets back to them for a higher price afterwards). Many heroes find these tickets in a slaughtered monster's intestines thinking that they entitle him and a friend (usually a 'friend' friend) to a mythical place also named Paradise, theoretically in the heavens where they could have anything they desire.

Heroes don't seem to realize that this type of 'paradise' is where their god lives, and thus is not a good place for them to be. However, they are usually too busy thinking about how unlucky they are to not have a partner to take to paradise to consider this.