Trying to look busy

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Trying to look busy

Difficulty: 6/10

Quest takes approximately (8 hours real time) to complete.

Reward from completion: Gold Brick

!Hero's Diary
08:49: They said only an idiot would try to try to look busy. I guess they were right: after all the travels and blood, I only got a dragon's molar and 731 coins.

Tips for completing this quest:

  • Open the page. The all text and no pictures will look like some sort of important research work.
  • Open a numerous books. Maybe stack them open on each other.
  • Put numerous pieces of paper out. Highlight those papers.
  • Stick your tongue out on the side just a little. Squint eyes. This will make it look like you're thinking really hard.
  • Turn down the lights very slightly and get a lamp. The darkness will also make it look your you're hard working.
  • Stay late.
  • Submit content to the GodWiki. People will hear the pounding of your keyboard and assume you must be writing something important (like what I'm doing right now).