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Artifacts of Godville
A cute baby Tribble!
Type 🧷Normal
Value Unsellable*
*At least by traders
Description Cute, but cumbersome.

A tribble is a small, furry creature that reproduces at an incredible rate; it's born pregnant (like Aphid:Reproduction). Although adorable, its ability to multiply (and the amount of food it eats) makes it indirectly very dangerous.

General Information

The tribble is a special artifact that cannot be sold, dropped, crafted or used for any purpose (except bingo where applicable.) Once a tribble finds its way into a hero's inventory, it will hog the space for a good while. The only way to get rid of them by force - aside from getting a full inventory - involves death.

Usually they come in pairs or threes at the beginning, but overtime the hero's loot bag will fill up with more of them until his inventory is almost full.

There are two kinds: regular tribbles and hungry tribbles (known as "tribbles" and "hungry tribbles" respectively).


For a brief period during April Fool's Day 2013, a wormhole opened between the Godville and Star Trek universes. A few tribbles slipped through, and they've been making a home in loot bags, Mystery boxes, and the like ever since.[1]

On the Halloween 2019 update, a new side job was introduced that - among others - would involve to 'breed a tribble.' It is considered complete once another tribble gets added to the hero's inventory.[2]


The anatomy of one of these creatures.

While not on an adventure, the tribbles will occasionally multiply to fill up the hero's loot bag, preventing them from carrying more valuable treasures and resorting to return to town more often to try and sell them. While this is happening, an existing artifact might be consumed - replaced by either a different artifact or another tribble, though not always.

Because no trader - hero-trader, roadside, or otherwise - wants to be overburdened with tribbles in their inventories, the hero will have great difficulty selling them, ending up stuck with an increasingly full loot bag for some time.

After several fruitless hours and up to about a day - depending on the inventory's capacity, usually if a little above half of the inventory are tribbles - the hero will finally find someone who would graciously buy his tribbles, but it's rarely worth the loss of inventory space in the meantime. Rates go at about 250-320 gold per tribble just as the hero starts the selling phase while in town.

!Hero's Diary
Peeked into my loot bag just in time to see a furry ball making purr and divided into two pieces.

!Hero's Diary
Furry balls in my loot bag squeaked cheerfully and transformed a periodic table cloth into a self-dropping microphone.

!Hero's Diary
Found even more furry tribbles in my inventory. Where did they come from?

!Hero's Diary
Finally found an upholsterer willing to take these tribbles off my hands for 7292 gold coins. Lucky for me, unlucky for the tribbles.

Hungry Tribbles

Troubling indeed.

A hungry tribble is an alternate variant of the tribble that behaves similarly to their regular lineage.

However, unlike those regular ones, the hungry tribbles take on a more active role by being ferocious to both the hero and the monster he had defeated, and reproducing at an even faster rate by devouring most slain monsters - including their gold, loot, and perhaps even experience (although the latter is unconfirmed.) Special monsters are also included in their path of destruction (e.g., Bricked monsters will not yield any brick, Questing monsters will have their blueprints devoured, etc.) Wanted monsters may be the only exception that they'd still leave sufficient proof to collect, even if their regular loot can't be salvaged.

The hero will occasionally remark in his diary that the hungry tribbles would hurt the hero slightly by nibbling his ear with their sharp teeth, or most of the time that they'd leave nothing for him after killing a monster.

!Hero's Diary
The Enlightened Rhubarbarian was gnawed to bones by the hungry tribbles... or more precisely, to a single bone.

In addition, once the hero's loot bag had reached a critical mass of hungry tribbles containing ~75% of inventory space, they will evacuate all at once and flee to see the world - presumably on a family vacation. Upon doing so, the hungry tribbles typically leave large sums of gold (about 500 per hungry tribble) - most likely as overdue rent. In addition, some bold artifacts and even activatables (presumably around 5 in total) will appear in their stead as gratitude for mostly taking samples off of the hero.

Given this, while ordinary tribbles are almost always a burden on the hero, the gold received from carrying hungry tribbles may very well make it a worthwhile venture. Of course, the fact that these hungry tribbles also consume potential items and gold from defeated monsters may leave the answer of this debate to each their own opinion.

!Hero's Diary
The tribe of tribbles reached its critical mass and loudly transformed into something that immediately ran off into the forest. It left 15305 gold coins and a few bold things in my bag.


There are a few ways of obtaining these living artifacts:

Note that there's a higher chance of encountering tribbles if the Daily Forecast in the Godville Times mention a sudden increase of alien lifeforms.

If at any point both regular tribbles and hungry tribbles co-exist in the hero's inventory, then after about 15 minutes, the regular tribbles will get "assimilated" to become hungry tribbles instead.

!Hero's Diary
The box with a question mark suddenly fell apart. Three tribbles living inside it immediately moved into my backpack. Oh, god…

!Hero's Diary
The trader took my coupon, raised his eyebrows and pass me a carrier with tribbles.

!Hero's Diary
This Tribblemaker’s monstering days are over, but my days of owning a tribble have just begun.

!Hero's Diary
After some noise and squabble all of the tribbles now look angry and very hungry.

Assorted diary entries

!Hero's Diary
Notes from the battlefield: Beepocles is defeated. El Cannabis got 5058 gold coins. El Cannabis put a tribble, a tribble, a tribble, a tribble, a tribble, a tribble, a tribble, a tribble, a tribble, a tribble, a tribble, a tribble, a tribble, a tribble, a tribble, a tribble, a tribble, a tribble, a tribble and Beepocles' dog tag into his bag.

!Hero's Diary
A soft tribble went to my hand. It wheezed and purred and made me feel better and healthier.

!Hero's Diary
Used my loot bag as a pillow while resting. It was unusually soft... I guess there is something good in these tribbles.

!Hero's Diary
Tried to get rid of all these tribbles, but they bluntly refused to come out of my loot bag.

!Hero's Diary
Darn tribbles won't leave my loot bag! I think they've already built a habitat.