Tribble Overlord

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Monsters of Godville
Tribble Overlord
Class Unknown
Habitat Unknown
Description Unknown

What can one say about the Tribble Overlord. Apparently nothing as evidenced by the fact that its page did not exist prior to 10.7.2018. I shall not embellish its veracity nor seek to make this beast more than it is. It's a giant Tribble plain and simple. It doesn't bite, it doesn't move, it simply purrs and reproduces. Kill it if you must, pet it at your own risks. For reasons unknown even to him, Ohioghost, the witless wonder, the gump of godville, the keeper of ...... well anyhow, the current leader of Blue Feather has declared the Tribble Overlord the guilds new totem let it be written, so let it be done.