Trans-Astral Highway

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Geography of Godville
Trans-Astral Highway
Description Unknown

The most sacred road in all of Godville, the Trans-Astral Highway connects the land of mortals to the heavens. The road is a transparent stairway leading up the stratosphere, where a vortex of anti-matter teleports the being to the realm of the Gods. Humans are not able to enter this sanctified place as they are not immortal. Heroes, on the other hand, are only able to take a peek, but their God must provide protection against the dangers of space.

The TAH is located in the mysterious land of Los Adminos. The Admins there had communication with the Gods and needed to find a way to give sacrifices. The Gods created this highway, but the mortals would wear out before they ever made it to the top. Then, altars were invented. Nowadays, Gods use this path to send voices down to their heroes. Likewise, prayers from heroes to Gods travel at light speed through here.

Territories and Landmarks
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