Time The Destroyer

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Time the Destroyer

Time the Destroyer is an often misunderstood deity. Most depictions Time the Destroyer are of some towering overlordish being seeking to blow up the world somehow. Although Time the Destroyer is not against explosions and might have a knack for exploding things, Time the Destroyer's chief means of causing destruction is to make a thing less important over time. Time tends to make all those worries and troubles that seemed so important and urgent at the time into fluff, into the humorous anecdotes of history. The Anarchists of the 1980's have all grown fat playing video games. They didn't explode in violent, anti-social behavior, which at the time seemed almost a certainty. They quietly became inactive and somewhat laughable. On the other hand, drug addicts, who were pretty inactive and laughable in the early 1980's, have exploded in violent, anti-social behavior.