Ticket for 'Godville the Musical'

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Artifacts of Godville
Ticket for 'Godville the Musical'
Type 💎Bold
Description 4.5 out of 5 heroes surveyed would rather sell this than get a date.

This is a Ticket for Godville the Musical, a theatrical entertainment based on Old Redshirt's Book of Practical Golems. which won numerous awards and holds the record for Godville's longest-running musical.

The show has enjoyed the longest streak of sell out performances in theatrical history. Blocks of tickets are snatched up almost as soon as they are made available, and command high prices on the secondary market. If a hero can resist the temptation to convert his tickets to gold, he is almost certain to find a date for the performance.

With current box office receipts of over 7,880,000 gold coins, 'Godville the Musical' is the highest-grossing entertainment event of all time and the most financially successful theatrical show in Godville history. It has been seen by over 100,000 people in 16 cities.

The central plot revolves around a beautiful Cockney flower girl turned monster slayer and general contractor, who becomes the obsession of a mysterious, disfigured deity, as they struggle for redemption and revolution. Joining the lead characters is an ensemble cast that includes elves, dwarves, gods, hapless detectives, merchants, monsters terrifying and ridiculous, English governesses, tavern wenches, a meddlesome widow, and others.

A satire on the issues and anxieties associated with entering the world of an MMORPG, 'Godville the Musical' tells the story of a group of obsessive, bespectacled individuals living in the "Age of the Internet" and provides a glimpse into the personalities of gods, heroes, and Godville Administrators as they describe the memes that have shaped their lives. Upstart young gladiators, grizzled battle veterans, and wealthy temple owners struggle to survive under the shadow of unrelenting monsters, evil guilds, and unscrupulous traders. The relationship between the Gods and Heroes is marked by conflict through much of the show, as well as by a love that neither is able to express.

Set in and around the capital city of Godville, where a group of heroes with seemingly nothing in common but trousers of impudence meet by chance in a bamboo grove, the show makes fun of heroes' dim-wittedness, selective hearing, clumsiness, and alcoholic binges, as well as the gods' mood swings, avarice, and night sweats. The musical features actors in animal costumes as well as giant, hollow puppets.

The award-winning score features the song "I Will Revive", which peaked at #5 on the Godville Hot 100 Singles charts just one week after the original cast recording was released.