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Poseidon and Theseus based on some Greek Myths, but I created this story.

Theseus82 is the son (Demigod) of Poseidon82 and Priestess Delilah. Poseidon82, God of war, water, and everything in it, came to Delilah one night while she was praying and he planted his seed. Just so happened, she had been praying for a child for years cause she was tired of being lonely. When the temple found out that she was pregnant, they accused her of being a whore and banned her from the temple and banned her from town. Delilah wondered around the wilderness for the rest of her pregnancy until one day she started having bad pains. So she stopped at a hot spring that was close to Divine Lake. In that hot spring she gave birth to Theseus82. He was born around 11/6/14. Delilah raised Theseus82 till the age of 12. Poseidon82 watches over his hero on a regular basis and has always tried to talk to him. At age 3 Theseus82 started hearing Poseidon82. Theseus82 kept hearing “Water is life.” From time to time he would hear it again… “Water is life.” Until the age of 5. At the age of 5, Theseus82 heard “Water is strength.” He looked around wondering about what he had just heard and where did it come from. From time to time, more and more often he would hear it again… “Water is life, water is strength.” Theseus82 was clueless. Until the age of 10. At the age of 10, Theseus82 heard his God again. This time he heard “Theseus82, I am Poseidon82. Pray to me and build me a temple, and I will help you.” Theseus82 ignored his God for 2 years. The voice went silent for 2 years. At the age of 12, Theseus82 was getting some water from a well one day when he turned around and there was a Firefox behind his mother that had transformed into a 9 Tailed Firefox. The 9 Tailed Firefox was sent by some kind of evil to slaughter Delilah so that she couldn’t help Theseus82 learn his strengths. The 9 Tailed Firefox completed its mission right in front of Theseus82 and vanished into the fog from whence it came. His mother was dead. Theseus82 went crazy with rage and destroyed the well that he had just gotten water from. After he destroyed the well, water burst out of the hole like a geyser. Theseus82 looked at it with curiosity cause it just kept going up. None of the water was coming back down, it just kept going up. As he was looking at it, the middle became like a liquid human form. It spoke to Theseus82 and it said once more in a loud rumbling voice… “Theseus82, I am Poseidon82! Pray to me, and build me a temple, and I will help you!” The water evaporated and Theseus82 stood there looking dumbfounded. He knelt down at the destroyed well and began to pray. After he was done praying, he bottled some water, looked down at his mothers body that had been ripped apart, and said to himself “Well, I guess I better find some bricks.” And his journey began.