The undead king

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Lunacreth the Bone Whisperer or more well known as the undead king was a tyrannical ruler in both godhood as well as in mortaldom,his terror was known by all as he had an army of followers that were all ruthless in their ways killing all those who got in their way, that includes the heros of other gods as well. He wanted his followers to bring death and distruction to all who didnt know and praise his name either out of fear or respect, as his followers were on their warpath Lunacreth was thrown down to earth for killing a legendary hero with ease causing the gods to get angry.

He was thrown down to the earthly planes in front of his own army in an attempt to humiliate Lunacreth but the last thing the gods expected were that the warriors saw their cruelty and denounced all other gods and named Lunacreth as their king. At his command his army pushed forth cuting death and destruction next to the fallen god and made a castle and throne made out of bones and the great hero that was slain was turned into a cursed indestructible crown to spite the other gods.

Years passed and slowly the undead king grew old and stopped recruiting men into his army knowing that his kingdom would probably die with him so he made a decree that a new guild shall be formed and its name is the heros of the undead king all his remaining followers left his side but one and he sat in his throne waiting to die, suddenly a group of 30 heros all burst into the bone castle armed and ready for combat but all they found was an old man and a young man with his sword drawn ready to defend. Lunacreth watched in both delight and dismay when His final recruit his final living solder rushed in to meet their challenge and was almost slashed to peices but slowly a hero fell, then another, and another, slowly as the young man named Ajaj89 rose to his feet the last hero in a last ditch effort to apease the god threw their sword into the undead kings chest killing him instantly, this threw the young man into a rage and he decapitated the hero in a single strike. After he killes the hero he walked over to his lord and kneeled before him and prayed for the first time in his life.