The Valley of Lost Hopes

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Geography of Godville
The Valley of Lost Hopes
View of the valley towards the center of the region
Description A eerie valley where hopes are lost

The Valley of Lost Hopes is one of the largest geographical regions. It borders both the Sleepless Hollow and Wastelands of Insomnia (though it is not between the two landmarks) and stretches to the Valley of the Blind. The kinds of monsters that live there are very diverse, due to its varied climates and fertility caused by its large size. However, the fertility of the soil is never ideal and those who live there live in relative despair. Many of the residents were travelers who lost hope and gave up believing they would never find their way out.


Even though the Valley of Lost Hopes is a fairly depressing place, those who live there may not seem to be depressed depending on where in the valley they are. Nearby Sleepless Hollow and towards the center of the valley, the soil is where it is most fertile, monsters are relatively peaceful, and residents are more stoic than they are depressed. Nearby the Wastelands of Insomnia, due to the chaos of said nearby region, the place is similar to the wastelands and almost as restless. The soil there is only slightly more fertile than the wastelands. Over by the Valley of the Blind, the Valley of Lost Hopes becomes very similar to its neighboring valley. The border of the two valleys is defined by where hills and mountains become more rigid and jagged on one side, Valley of the Blind, and more smooth on another, Valley of Lost Hopes. This section of the valley is rumored to be where the Vanillain went into hiding. This area is typically frequented by stoic nomads and depressed farmers. There are a surprisingly, yet unsurprisingly large amount of taverns here.

Territories and Landmarks
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