The Summer Society

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🏚️This defunct guild page is marked for deletion.
The “The Summer Society” guild is not widely known in Godville. However, if you are a member of this guild, feel free to remove this template by deleting {{delete guild}} when editing your guild page.
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The Summer Society
Motto: Keep a sharp mind and a sharper blade.
Alignment: Peaceful
Gold Fund: 1698 c.u.
Date Founded: January 2015
Membership Count: 5
Town with Greatest Influence: N/A (%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 523
Pantheon of popularity Rank: -
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 329
Guild Page: The Summer Society 
Data current as of 28 November 2015

The Summer Society is known to be an outdoor social club for all athletic and leisurely activities in the nature, but in fact, it doubles as a secret society for monster hunters all across Godville.

To join us, your hero must be at least level 12. You should type - Join "The Summer Society", please! - in you Hero's god voice box. This is best done when your Hero is idle about town.

Make sure your hero is on the road, not in town. Your hero should be idle, not fighting a monster. Do not cancel your current quest before sending the command.

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The Summer Society Guild Ranks

  • The Summer Society has a member list and stats page here: Guild Stats

DeimiurgĂłs (Founder)

Polemarchos (Supreme Commander) - Prophet (+150 days)

Starategos (General) - Regent (+150 days)

Taxiarhos (Brigadier) - Patriarch or Matriarch (+100 days)

Syntagmatarkhis (colonel) - Hierach (+65 days)

Tagmatarkhis (Battalion Leader) - Cardinal (+45 days) - Attaining the rank of cardinal (although it isn't the topmost one) means that the hero will not try to leave the guild (by randomly starting a guild joining quest).

LokhagĂłs (Captain) - Grand Master (+30 days)

Hoplite (Foot Soldier) - Advisor (+25 days)

Hyparchos (Regiment Commander Cavalry) - Chief Master (+17 days)

Hippotoxotes (Cavalry Archer) - Master (+10 days)

OpadĂłs (Follower) - Follower (+5 days)

Neosýllektos (Recruit) - Recruit (+2 days)

TsirĂĄki (Apprentice) - Intern (+1 day)

YpostiriktĂ­s (Supporter) - Fan (First day)

Quote of the day

  • "There are monsters we know who won't hurt us. We call them corpses."