The Rejects

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The Rejects
Motto: "Cause someone has to accept you... Eventually"
Alignment: Bright
Membership Count: 28
Pantheon of unity Rank: 23
Guild Page: The Rejects 

Have you ever felt alone? Deserted by your friends, co-workers, a powerful deity?

Never fear. While other guilds may see some Gods or heroes as too insignificant, we never will. That’s right, this guild is for all those who are rejects, misfits or just plain bored. All members are treated with the utmost respect by their fellow ‘Rejects’ and are invited to a 24 step program to help overcome rejection. All the other members will be with you every step of the way, providing shoulders to cry on and large amounts of chocolate and alcohol.

How to Join

If you want to join the many others that have found the solution to their rejection problems then just send down to your hero the command:

Join the "The Rejects" guild

And after a long and hard quest your hero will be greeted by a hug and their choice of booze or chocolate (or both). To get an even warmer welcome please add any of the guilds officers particularly Korrigan and Rogez.

Every so often your hero will take it upon himself to start a quest to join another guild. Do not worry, this can be easily stopped by sending the voice command:

Cancel quest

This should be done when your hero is out of town and idling (not fighting monsters). This may take many attempts because, as we all know, our heroes are quite stupid at times.

The History of Rejection

The times were dark and many a hero roamed this land without that warm fuzzy feeling of acceptance, and powerful megalomaniac guilds controlled the land fighting for dominance over the many townships scattering the countryside. While the wars raged on, only those that were important parts of the major guilds had that feeling of unity and kinship, while all the others felt the harsh sting of rejection. This horrible reality went on for many years until one hero thought "Hey why don't we make a guild for those on the outskirts, the poor and the lonely, the truly rejected among us". Other Heroes scoffed at the idea, but this dimwitted yet brave hero, with the help of his God, pushed forth alone, and out of the ruins he built up the guild "The Rejects".

Sadly this hero, after a short time of leadership, realized that his initial rejection was just too great to deal with at the same time as helping others. That is why he went on a great journey to connect with his inner rejected child leaving the tight knit group of rejects in the capable hands of his trustworthy guild officers.

The Counselling of Gods

The Rejects had a great time of prosperity with members joining and abnormally large amounts of alcohol being drunk in celebration of their lack-of-rejection. But when the celebration came to a close they realized that all they had to do now was sit around and twiddle their thumbs.

Then a grand day for Godville came to pass when the first ever casino opened it's doors to the many Gods that roam the land. Not that many of the Rejects went to the casino, getting rejected by people was still hard to deal with and they didn't want to introduce rejection by spinning wheel as a problem for the members. But this casino, run by the fabulous gods of the "Lucky God Casino" guild tended to cause quite an addictive nature among the Gods that graced it's halls. After a meeting with Lord Foul, HiMyNameIsBob realized that the Rejects could finally have a purpose among the rest of Godville.

And so from that day forth Bob declared the hall of the Rejects to be a place of counseling for those in need. This pledge is so that all the Rejects that have overcome their problems shall do all that is in their power to help others that may be in need, or just want to chat over a very large barrel of beer.

The 24 Step Program

Step 1: Get rejected

Step 2: Cry

Step 3: Realize that you have been rejected

Step 4: Cry

Step 5: Put on 10 pounds from overeating

Step 6: Lose the weight from loss of fluids due to crying

Step 7: Accept you have a rejection problem

Step 8: Join your fellow Rejects in the 24 step program (of which you are 8 steps in) to help combat rejection

Step 9: Stand up in front of the group and tell the story of how you got rejected and how long it has been since your last rejection

Step 10: Cry from the memory

Step 11: Sob while listening to others' stories

Step 12: Go around the room and give/receive hugs from all present

Step 13: Freak out about the unluckiness of this step

Step 14: Alcohol therapy: the complete intoxication of all the Rejects in an attempt to get them to open up more with each other

Step 15: Share a peace-pipe as a group in order to increase openness and honesty even more

Step 16: Small talk with other Rejects over refreshments of cookies and chocolate

Step 17: Realize after small talk that many Rejects got rejected for good reasons

Step 18: Regress back to Step 14 and drink more alcohol to forget the pain of recent rejection during snack time

Step 19: Enjoy refreshments more this time, now that inebriation is dulling the senses

Step 20: Sleep off massive hangovers in the guild mansion

Step 21: Drink massive amounts of coffee and eat leftover cookies for breakfast

Step 22: Strategize a plan for revenge on past rejectors

Step 23: One last alcohol therapy to boost uninhibited bravado

Step 24: Unleash mayhem, all in the name of The Rejects!

The Original Rejectors

GodRogez : The rejected Enforcer, Co-founder of the Rejects with Korrigan and HiMyNameIsBob. The vindictive master of the hero The Red Death, and an all-round Froody guy. He became a joint leader and helper of the Rejects when HiMyNameIsBob left his post.

GodKorrigan : The rejected Twin, Co-founder of the Rejects with Rogez. The powerful Lady of the heroine Murigen. Along with Rogez, she took over the role of leader when HiMyNameIsBob relinquished his power

The Elected Rejectors

GodElizabethena : The Rejected Elected, first elected leader of The Rejects.

The righteous goddess of the heroine Fotini. She managed to remain faithful for many years and therefore, deserved the honour of being the first elected guild leader and as such, she always picked up the chocolatini bar tabs for the guild. Like many of the "old gods", she too rejected The Rejects, although after several years, she has returned and asked for forgiveness.

GodOa d : The Rejected Protected, second elected leader of the Rejects.

The omnipresent god of the hero Buumba. The first protected Reject, thanks to finishing his ark before the rest and second elected Reject (twice)! He too is responsible for the bar tab, but he may not hear the other Rejects calling for another round through the thick walls of his cosy boat.

GodRogez : The Rejected Enforcer, third elected leader of the Rejects.

Co-founder of the Rejects etc etc etc... Next elected leader, purely because the Rejects were too scared to stand against him. Elected twice, but was never responsible for the bar tab, due to his constant inebriated state and the sudden reappearance of GodHiMyNameIsBob 's wallet!

GodSijmon : The Rejected Deliverer, fourth elected leader of the Rejects.

The compassionate god of the hero MatttDamon. Sijmon will forever be remembered as the deliverer of the Rejects from the dictatorship of Rogez. The sacred artefact, now known as HiMyNameIsBob's wallet, has been solemnly passed into his care.

GodKorrigan : The Rejected Schmerected, fifth elected leader of The Rejects.

The sacrilicious goddess of the heroine Murigen, Korrigan is the official baker of the guild. (Women, eh? Can't keep 'em outta the kitchen!) Due to the masterful batting of her eyeslashes, Rogez has maintained ownership of HiMyNameIsBob's wallet; thus, he is forced by Korrigan to cover all bar tabs for The Rejects or no more cookies.

The Full Gang

Any new members please alert GodRogez  or GodKorrigan  if you want your name added to this list (or you can even add it yourself. We don't mind. Really it will make it much easier for us)

GodAlison Wonderland 


GodDax Condor 




GodGod of Introverts 

GodGreat Omnipotence 

GodHoly Hole 



GodLady of gifts 

GodLord Stef 



GodOa d 


GodRuler of Coffee 




GodSun Conure 


GodVan Deamon 

Temple Owners

The Rejects are known for drinking copious amounts of alcohol and consuming huge quantities of chocolate, and in doing so, they tend to forget about their heroes. All Gods dream of the ultimate offering their hero can make, a Temple dedicated entirely to them. Very few achieve this but those whose heroes have not forsaken them will be recognized here...

GodAlison Wonderland 

GodDax Condor 




GodGreat Omnipotence 

GodHoly Hole 



GodLord Stef 



GodOa d 


GodSea Rose 







GodVan Deamon 

GodYuuko Ichihara-8 

In Memoriam

Those that have loved yet left...

GodHiMyNameIsBob : Guild founder, The original Reject. Rejector of the rejects

The awesome deity of the Hero HiMyNameIsFrank, the wise creator of The Rejects and after a short stint in leadership he realized it was not for him and decided to relinquish the position to his other very capable Rejects. He is still regarded as one of the Froody-est guys around.

GodAyusiken : Was Third-in-command, rejected helper of the Rejects,

The Beautiful Goddess who finally lost control of her hero, who decided that it was time to join another guild. Unfortunately the Rejects have been rejected by yet another leader...

GodDreV : The... Rejected (like everyone else)

The almighty God of the the hero Dryver, one of the original five. Went out for cookies and never returned. Another rejecter of the Rejects...

GodThe Great Gayser : The rejected councillor, ready to serve!

The true god of hero Sir Lakesfoot let his "gayser" vision drift from his pawn for too long. The rejected hero hung up his armor and opened chocolatini spa treatment centre. If you're tired of mud baths, drop on by today for a free trial.