The Poseidolon

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The Poseidolon
Poseidolon Statue.jpg
Championed by the Hero: Goppie
Personality: Righteous
Motto: Question: Z?

In the beginning...

In the beginning, there was a bang. A big bang created by beings only known as "The Administrators". These Administrators created an object which some called an "Account". This Account was said to be some sort of egg which incubated and brought forth the birth of a great being. A being and a god. This god called itself The Poseidolon.

The Poseidolon

The Poseidolon is not the sole ruler of any domain. Although he is Poseidon (more on that below), he shares the ocean with other gods. And although he is also the god of the eidolon and spirits alike, he cannot have total dominion over spirit realms. He wishes through the conquests and adventures of his hero Goppie, he can gain supremacy in these domains.

Similar names

In the past, many heroes and followers of certain gods have become confused in who their god truly is because some gods have very similar names. This case also applies to The Poseidolon. Many gods including Poseidon, Poseidon82, and Broseidon11, have been confused for The Poseidolon. Closest followers of The Poseidolon say that to see the one true god, you must notice the "eidolon" part of the name which refers to a type of spirit that can go through objects.

The Hero

Although The Poseidolon has many heroes and followers, Goppie is chosen as The Poseidolon's favorite hero. The two have a love-hate relationship due to the constant failures and misadventures. Despite his catastrophic ways, The Poseidolon commonly encourages him because Goppie typically quests and does things in the name his god. This has lead to both god and hero becoming righteous in their ways


The Poseidolon has one brother who is also a god. He goes by the name Lord of Fluff and is the younger of the two godly siblings.