The Land of Landmarks

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Geography of Godville
The Land of Landmarks
A 60cm cathedral
Description The best of perhaps all worlds.

The Land of Landmarks is a puzzling place holding every known landmark of Godville, even some yet to be discovered. Whoever may be interested will find it beside one of Next Station's abandoned rails.

All the small things

Every remarkable character of this world's landscape is recreated in more or less detail.

For example, the Godville Arena has been imitated with a wide bucket painted white. Said bucket has been properly perforated to be easily recognizable. To add some special effects, the "arena" is rigged with all kinds of fireworks, which intend to simulate the encourages and punishments happening during the combats. Pet fights are not forbidden nor encouraged.

The Mainstream has been deepened to allow navigation. Nutshell ships and paper boats can sail down it's waters, regattas are known to happen spontaneously and sometimes valuable artifacts are put forward as prizes.

The Strawberry Fields are represented with a large patch of apple-sized strawberries. This particular recreation is specially dangerous, the plants are known to bite if disturbed. As with anything in life "look but don't touch".

A considerable amount of stones has been glued together to form a towering monument to the World's Apex. This structure is tall as the average Hell's Kitten, 68 cm that is.


  • Rumors have it, this is the testing ground of a clandestine conclave of deranged cartographers. We can't do more than wonder and be afraid.
  • Every single piece is exactly proportional to it's real counterpart, make what you want out of this fact.
  • The donation box will not tolerate any other thing than monster parts, for some reason.
Territories and Landmarks
B-Trees Forest • The Battle Hamster Farm • Beer Bay • Blood-Curdling Stream • Blue Portal Lagoon • Brain Slugs Farm • Brokeback Knoll • Cave of the Weak-Witted Oracle • The Cavern of Dwarves' Glory • The Cliff of The Lonely Hero • Cliff of Unrequited Love • The Close Encounters of the Third Kind Hill • Desert of Former Alkies • Divine Lake • Eastern Magmatic Plumules • Field of Special Magic • Forgotten Woods • Fountain of Youth • Graveyard of the Chosen Ones • Great Lava Desert of Trogh • Hypergiant Delta • Jagged Peaks • Lake of Maiden's Tears • Limestone Labyrinth • The Land of Landmarks • Little-big pond • Lost paradise • Low Gravity Plains • Mainstream • Meadows of Eternal Tranquility • Meadow of Everlastingnight • Milestone 554 • Oasis of Deadman's Hand • OnePricedWood • Passage of the Last Man Lying • Pathway of Lemmings • Plateau of Low Gravity • Platonic Woodland • Qu'tox Ocean • Radiostagnant Pits • River Amp • River Kraktor • River Stinks • Sacred Archipelago • Silly Cone Valley • Sleepless Hollow • The Spring of Eternal Senility • Strawberry Fields • Swamp of Missed Kamikazes • The Valley of the Blind • The Valley of Lost Hopes • Trans-Astral Highway • Triffids' Valley • Vector Field • Wastelands of Insomnia • Watering Hole • World's Apex • Yggdrasil