The Guild of Calamitous Intent

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We elected a new Guild Leader GodMoxie T Dog 

She barks. Send cookies.

The Guild of Calamitous Intent
Motto: “The McRib is back!”
Alignment: Glitter
Gold Fund: 37668 c.u.
Date Founded: long, long ago
Membership Count: 78
Town with Greatest Influence: Anville (3%)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 32
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 20
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 32
Forum Headquarters: The Guild of Calamitous Intent
Guild Page: The Guild of Calamitous Intent 
Data current as of 15 January 2016


Welcome to The Guild of Calamitous Intent's Wiki Page!

"It is by far the greatest, most comprehensive Guild wiki page in the universe. We will not tell you how we accomplished this, but if you get an alert that something fishy is being downloaded to your interweb device, just let it happen. At worst, it will be mildly annoying, and at best, it will point you in the direction of the nearest TGoCI-sponsored FREE BEER station, wherever you may be.

The founder of the guild went totally AFK, I guess. It happened before anyone besides that one miserable guy we banned used the guild chat. (Seriously, if all you post is that you’re “[CENSORED] wasted,” you need to get a life.)

We’ve had questions about the origins of the guild, and we don’t know for sure. It’s not because of some TV show, but we think it had to do with a poem. Yeah, TGoCI is full of drunken, violent poets. Who love to write about hugs and bunnies and (checks his own chronicles) glitter.

Join if you want. We’ve learned how to cheat at the game (supposedly). Maybe we tell you, maybe we just make you the low hero on the totem pole.

We ARE more fun than most guilds. Maybe ALL guilds. Maybe not.


GodIrwin , 19th August 2014

Guild Leaders

Election Date Guild Leader Totem High Level
1/08/2015 GodPsychex  Distilled Spirit hyperprophet
4/21/2015 GodCrazy Dave  Distilled Spirit upperdecker
9/3/2015 GodLisaDreams  Distilled Spirit lemontwist
1/15/2016 GodMoxie T Dog  Distilled Spirit lush
5/29/2016 GodIrwin  Distilled Spirit diggitydank
10/12/2016 GodLord BlytheCrescent  Distilled Spirit criminal
3/9/2017 GodCrazy Dave  Distilled Spirit fugitive
7/21/2017 GodMoxie T Dog  Distilled Spirit fugitive
12/20/2017 GodBoodace  Distilled Spirit boocats
4/25/2018 GodLaapki  Distilled Spirit babushka
7/09/2018 GodPsychex  Distilled Spirit distillate
1/18/2019 GodLisaDreams  Distilled Spirit chocolatier
6/8/2019 dude that got impeached TBD prophet
6/30/2019 GodPsychex  Distilled Spirit tacocat
11/11/2019 GodMingus dew  Distilled Spirit supervillian
3/31/2020 GodMoxie T Dog  Distilled Spirit TBD

The calamity continues ...