The Glass Cannon

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Taverns of Godville
The Glass Cannon
The logo of the Glass Cannon
Feature Cannon-Shaped Mugs and Free Refills!
Signature Dish Cannon-Fodder
Signature Drink The Cannon Barrel

The Glass Cannon is a tavern that opened in Godville when a few city guards wanted to find a place with free refills and massive amounts of beer. The guards opened it thinking it would be a place where all city guards could spend their time when they are off duty. So, they give it a military/battlefield theme and placed a large glass sculpture of a cannon near the entrance to advertise the tavern. Upon opening day, the owners of the shop noticed that it was an immediate success, attracting all of their guard friends and even high-ranking officers to the tavern, and celebrated joyfully as the new business flourished. However, what they didn't expect, is that the guards weren't the only customers to the Glass Cannon. Less-hostile monsters and, obviously, heroes frequented their tavern as well.

In fact, according to a survey, 20% of their customers were regular citizens, 60% were heroes, and 17% were monsters, leaving only 3% of their customers to be guards. But, they didn't seem to mind this statistic at all and accommodated the Glass Cannon bar to suit the needs of every customer. It contains a game room, an inn, and a stage for any traveling performers to perform on. Rumor has it the business plans on opening new locations in Beerburgh, Los Adminos, and Bosswell.

Origin of the Cannon Barrel

The Cannon Barrel, the Glass Cannon's most popular and most infamous drink, did not exist during the tavern's early days. In fact, the beverage came to be because a monster decided to be funny and do a rather pointless public stunt. The monster was a Bottled Water Elemental, and it decided that the glass cannon sculpture outside the tavern looked like a water pitcher, and thus, climbed into it and spent a few hours sitting in the cannon. People noticed this and eventually notified the owners that there was a pool of water inside of their sculpture. Shocked at first, the owners walked outside and saw the amorphous monster climbing out of the cannon. It gave them a good laugh and also inspired them. Why not make glass, cannon-barrel shaped urns that customers could drink their beer out of. Thus, the Cannon Barrel was born, being the largest drink in the entire area, consisting of a full gallon worth of beer. This drink is sold to groups and the Cannon Barrel's container acts as a dispenser that consumers can refill their mugs with. This beverage is extremely popular among guilds visiting the tavern and heroes will finish the entire cannon relatively quickly depending on the size of the guild. Some of the larger guilds may even order multiple Cannon Barrels to satisfy all of their heroes.

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