The Forsakens Lament Hall of Portraits

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Forsakens Lament Plaque.jpg

Thousands of paintings line the walls of the Grand Hall. Created by the same powers that the guild building and surrounding lands manifested from, these paintings are all alive and are watching you.

Twins From Another Realm: Doyunomi & Duainoyu


Yin and yang of Creation - Twin sisters GodDoyunomi  and GodDuainoyu  came to Forsaken's Land to escape divine judgment and elude from a certain celestial messenger from their universe. The saccharine sweet Doyunomi governs Death while apathetic Duainoyu oversees Life, an irony to their appearance and personality. The twin sisters' portraits hang side by side on the wall of the Grand Hall and despite the closeness and relation, the sisters do not get along very well. One may catch the portraits bickering among themselves from the corner of their eye.

Benevolent Death: Suicider Felodese


A guide to the death inclined, this mysterious entity appears to some deemed worthy, but only those who consider themselves worthless - enough to take their own life. Nothing else is known about the creature identified as GodSuicider Felodese , for one, he rarely associates with any other than his chosen "student". His purpose: take this student on a journey - a journey which ends with either Suicider Felodese helping his subject to live, or die. Die, if they still cannot decide to live.

Shadow Keeper: Doumkai the Void


A mass of sentient energy that absorbs anything it touches, which is why it lives (if you can even call it living) in it's own personal realm - a place of pure darkness. When it has to maintain a physical form in the realm of the hero, it chooses to take on the form of a wolf made of black mist. No matter what, it never takes a complete physical form, for if it does, it will only make it part of itself - it's body touches anything, it is absorbed and Doumkai is allowed more power.

One Pug To Rule Them All: One Of Paradox


We've attempted to communicate with it, to no avail. For some reason, it chooses to take on the form of a large, frightened pug.

Celestial Emissary: Chael Chad


A brave celestial emissary who followed the Duono twin deities into Godville. GodChael Chad  willingly bears the burdensome weight of the entire village that the sisters had abandoned, by stitching every soul into the seams of his ornate armor. Despite his attractive appearance, he demonstrates an uncouth persona occasionally, especially when arguing with his sentient sword Hushai.

Dread of Dreams: Melandre


The displaced goddess GodMelandre  hails from the ruined land of Eldov. Once a bored warrior goddess who ruled a pantheon, Melandre took her fall and relocation with plenty of bitterness, but also with a newfound appreciation for the beauty that can be found in the screams of the dying, the helpless cries of her fellow divine beings, followed by the eternal silence of the desolate land. Melandre may not be the first to act in confrontation, but woe to those who would cross her; Godville dying the same way as Eldov would bring her nothing but amusement.

Deceiving Light: The-Bright-Lord


The darkest evils are subtle, hiding in the guise of a friend and savior. None know this better than The-Bright-Lord. Let all who fear the dark find refuge in his domain, he shall keep them "Safe". Current steward-leader of The Forsaken Lament, The-Bright-Lord's principal hobby is catching escaping Forsakens Lament recruits.

Edgelord: Torray


The undefinable GodTorray  shape shifts to anything imaginable, from deadly femme fatales to animals. Witness by a sneaking abnormality, he came to the Forsaken's Land in a burst of fabulous fuchsia light, his ominous aura seeping malevolence into the surroundings. No one knew his real identity. Rumour has it that his true form is a mossy hill.

Embodiment of Influence: The Rune Spectre


This ancient earthbound spirit was once the Herald of Peace seeking to change the world. His name and life became long lost through the generations, as his intentions became twisted to condemn Godvillians into madness by their own hand through an aura of haunting. The Rune Spectre can only be seen at night as a glowing, ethereal shadow lazily drifting at the edge of where good men do bad things.

Mistress of Ambition: Kuroji


There is a legend concerning a goddess who, being angered by the other gods forgetting to invite her to a party, sowed discord among them by throwing a golden apple with the words 'To the Prettiest One' stamped on it into their midst. That was not Kuroji. Kuroji was the goddess who pointed out the apple and pointed out to the other goddesses why they deserved it. For this, Kuroji was perma-banned to the depths of the Shadowpit because the Goddess of Ambition was too dangerous for even the other gods to be too near. It's a shame really, because those few who still remember her say that she was, in fact, the Prettiest One...

The Lachrymose Physician: Divelan


Life was just miserable like ones being cursed since she was born, red string that attached to her seem pulled into tearful life, resembled putting the harness on a wild horse. Many prays was bottle up on her neck, because shout was not an option, it just naturally shackled through her veins. World that resolve around her, didn't fit. Destiny seem cheated, void of abyss was always met on her road. Yet darkness wouldn't be exist if there's no light, a speckle one is enough. She always believe a light still guided her life, even endless tears was dropped on her porcelain face.

Bane of Anansi: Arachnaid


Arachnaid is a fickle creature which never remains in one form for very long. Although it prefers the form of a giant spider, it can turn into more benevolent forms such as a handsome young man, or a kindly elderly lady. Easily mistaken for the spider-god Anansi for both its abilities and delight in tricking others, it enjoys sowing discord amongst friends and family. Ever working towards a grand plan, it still does enjoy simple pleasures such as catching its own prey.

The Trashure Keeper: Your Waifu Is Trash


Some say that one man's trash is another man's trash-ure. GodYour Waifu Is Trash  clink clanked into our Guild one fine day in a burst of wilted banana skins, scented breakup letters and fish bones, his malodorous aura sending all guild members running in all directions. No one knew his real identity. According to old waifus' tale, one will die from a painful illness within 24 hours if they attempt to peek under the trashcan lid.

Son of Torment: Exorcist Sam

Exorcist Sam.jpg

A worthless fellow, GodExorcist Sam  came to the Forsaken seeking haven with hellfire in searing pursuit - literally. Presumably after some atrocity, he was finally forced to flee in encountering a stronger opponent. Now, he spends his time listlessly wandering the guild lands, hiding. If he leaves, he may well find himself damned in the truest sense of the word.

The Eldritch Weaver: Serposum


The shadowy entity GodSerposum  did not come from the land of Godville nor Forsaken, but from where there was nothing and everything. Originally manifesting as an incomprehensible eldritch being, he has since manifested something more easy to the eye. A mad scientist in his own right, he creates and transfigure creatures to achieve what he calls "versatility". This trait extends towards this portrait of his that hangs nearby the guild hall doorway, the whispers and mumblings of a twisted creative mind greeting guests... Or welcome subjects.

Burning Havoc: Brand of fire


Being born from the fiery rage of GodBrand of fire , fiyaaahhh walks the earth plaguing the heroes of godville. He once was a simple human who had a god who encouraged him 24/7, then one day his god abandoned him, leaving him to die. Brand of Fire came across his soul wandering the halls of Valhalla. He took his soul back to his forge and built him a body from fire and rock. Now since he has a second chance at life he is doing the will of his god, burning a path of chaos and anarchy in his wake.

Dreadnought of Death: Cryptess

Cryptess 2.jpg

Herald of Hellfire: Janna Beast Lunter

Janna Beast Lunter.jpg

Prince of Pain: Crazyabeldog


Archon of Despair: Some atheist

Some atheist.jpg

An odd vagrant: Pandelume


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