The Forsaken

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Ahhh yes, The Forsaken...the Chosen few as some of the commoners among the realms know them as. The Forsaken (or Chosen, as they would prefer to be called) are the most powerful and favored servants of their respective Gods.

The guild emerged from one such Chosen, a Forsaken founding member known as Krynn Drakkonus. His God, Ominous Maximus, guided him in making the guild so that other Chosens can come together to establish The Forsaken as THE guild to be reckoned with.

The Forsaken are purely made of Hero's on a divine path to glory! The guild is known to be mainly neutral neither really favoring the extreme good or extreme evil; however, if the need arises to do either...well then The Forsaken will do just that. It's the end that justifies the means. Whatever the Chosen seek, they shall acquire by whatever means necessary...good or bad!