The Ethereal Asteria

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The Ethereal Asteria is a goddess who cannot believe that She is writing Her own Wiki. She was created—believe it or not—by the stars. (It is your choice if you will believe, but, Jesus Christ, this is a game and I am just using my imagination.) Speaking of Jesus Christ, She admires Him because He is capable of leading billions of stupid people while She is struggling to make one heroine listen to Her orders.

As a Goddess

Even though She becomes deeply disappointed when Her heroine hurts herself or does something stupid (which happens often), She does not use brutality to teach her a lesson. Instead She whispers memes (some Rick Astley and Shrek theme music, which literally does not get old) to her or encourages her to keep moving that lazy butt because that quest is not going to finish itself while she's drinking in a nearby tavern.


(Un)fortunately, Princess Asteria, Her heroine, is named after The Ethereal Asteria. She is a princess who is on a quest to prove that princesses don't wait for their princes to save them and that they only need to marry when the time is right. (Her Goddess has decided that Princess Asteria was to marry Lance Xer, Typonesus' hero. She and Typonesus ship them.)