The Dark Brotherhood

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The Dark Brotherhood
The Dark Brotherhood logo by Elfnein.jpg
Alignment: dark
Totem Monster: Cereal Killer
Gold Fund: 27919 c.u.
Leader: GodLord Fudgington 
Date Founded: Unknown
Membership Count: 35
Town with Greatest Influence: El Herado (4%)
Guild Page: The Dark Brotherhood 


The true origins of The Dark Brotherhood are somewhat of an enigma to the historians of Godville, for as any secret society would have it, their actions and existence are best concealed in shadow. But through their ceaseless toil they discovered that the tale of The Dark Brotherhood is as old as Godville itself, a tale that I will impart to you now.

The Dark Brotherhood was conceived by Rofulius, the evil brother of Morgana, who was a very powerful sorceress and the Matriarch of the monster rebellion during the Godvillain Uprising. Due to her influence and incredible power, Morgana was always protected by her brother Rofulius in her sleep. Rofulius was always kind and generous to her, acting as her advisor and bodyguard, but he soon grew very jealous because of the power Morgana held.

One night, as Rofulius was standing watch, an explosion tore through the main gate. The powerful court wizard of Godville, Eldranon, had come to kill Morgana. Rofulius quickly told a joke and Eldranon cracked his rib laughing. While Rofulius stood over the wheezing wizard, Eldranon told him that if he killed Morgana while she slept, her essence would be his and he could be the master of Morgana's powers. Enraged by the wizard's attempt to turn him against his own family, Rofulius dealt a final fatal blow and left Eldranon on the cold cobblestone. While walking through dark hallways of the castle, Rofulius contemplated the wizards words, knowing that Eldranon knew many of the secrets of the Dark Arts, he decided that if anyone knew of this ritual, it would be Eldranon. Silently, he crept back into his slumbering sister's room and killed her as the wizard had instructed. But then nothing happened. Eldranon had lied to him, he gained no power. Thus, the first contract of The Dark Brotherhood was fulfilled.

Stricken by grief of his foolishness and deeds he took his own life beside his sister, so that he may still guard her in her eternal sleep. His five sons, who's names were stolen from the archives, went to check on him. After hearing of the explosion and seeing their father and aunt, they grew up believing that he and Morgana had been assassinated to end the war. They went off in search of the culprits, training themselves in stealth and combat to survive. They started taking contracts to try and find the assassins who killed their father, by earning the trust of the many mercenary bands and assassin's guilds. They became known as The Dark Brotherhood, but after the formation of their tight band of assassins the trail vanishes as well as any accounts of them.

The Fall

According to recent activity, the scholars of the Black Hand Monastery who have dedicated themselves to discovering the secrets of The Dark Brotherhood guild have determined that after their founding The Dark Brotherhood was a prominent and feared band of assassins. They were contracted from Godville to Deville, the farthest reaches of the land. But it was at this time that the unknown original guild leader grew complacent, and increasingly absent in the following months. The guild began to fall into disrepair, a forgotten relic of the once powerful guild. Rumor has it that one of the guild mates staged a coup, and claimed the mantle as their own. Little is known of the new Guildmaster, the only record being a torn page in the diary of a dead hero stating that the leaders name was "Paar..(torn out)". Under new leadership, the guild has regained much of its former glory.

Anyone who wishes to enter this guild must send the godvoice (I pledge my blade to the shadows and wish to Join "The Dark Brotherhood" Obsignatas in Sanguis) until your hero listens. Then, they must swear their loyalty in blood to never betray his family as Rofulius did, or suffer the same fate. We are the blades in the dark, we are the flicker behind the shadows, we are The Dark Brotherhood.