The Battle Hamster Farm

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Geography of Godville
The Battle Hamster Farm
Description A city for hamsters, by hamsters, to battle!

The Battle Hamster Farm is the place where Battle Hamsters thrive, fight, or simply hang out. Despite it being called a farm, it is a flourished city parallel only to Godville - even sporting its own arena as their main attraction - the BH Arena.


Dozens of years ago - but probably up to a century, hamsters without a place they could call home would roam around the many milestones of Godville, akin to the heroines of the present day. Whether by deserting their owners or otherwise being disowned or put up to adoption, many hamsters were unfortunate enough to become monster food, or worse - heroine food, especially of the evil kind.

Not wanting to be pushed around by neither heroine nor monster any longer, a band of unknown hamsters decided to declare independence on this cruel, cruel world by making a safe haven for themselves and other hamsters in their time of need.

And thus, the Battle Hamster Farm (originally just Hamster Farm before their arena was established) was founded in 336 g.e. by the same band of hamsters and with a little help from some philanthropic good heroines and monsters; in the latter's case, unless it was an Out-of-Commissioner, then they only served to be as either occasional foodstuff or building material for the 1st BH Arena.

As time went on, the BHF had expanded from a simple hamster cage the size for an average pet-owner's, to a total size of over 30 cages with a population of about 400 hamsters and counting.


The BHF is considered a paradise (or hell for the battle-hardened hamsters) of training any hamster into becoming seasoned warriors for their own glory of the God of Monsters. There are many places in the BHF of which it makes it like a full-fledged city. The places are as follows:

BH Farm Watch

Battle Hamsters take shifts guarding their farm and the outside perimeter. Heroines and select monsters are advised to keep away from their scanning zone, unless a heroine can prove herself to respect the hamsters (either by gold or seeds) before being dragged to their BH Arena for punishment of not following the rules of parley.

The BH Arena

BHF's most prized establishment, is one of the only parallels to Godville's Arena. Much like it, Battle Hamsters are made, thrive and prosper for each hamster making a name for itself. More often than not, Battle Hamsters frequent to take short naps during fights, much to the audience's and the judge's dismay.

Nevertheless, it is every Battle Hamster's dream to progress through the Pantheons of Battle Hamster Duelers and Gladiatorship before they can set off into the great unknown to battle a worthy heroine (or worthless ones to cause havoc for the latter's Pantheon of Survival standing.)

Municipal Water Tank

Collected regularly by rainwater, serves as the water supply for all resident Battle Hamsters.

Hamster Wheels Power Station

Serves two purposes: One is for exercise (since all hamsters need it) and two is for powering the farm's lights during the dark. The worker hamsters are given many seeds to devour both as a reward and to further power the farm.

Battle Hamster Park

A more quiet part of the BHF, it also houses the residential areas each fitted with a bed and even a slider. The lush green grass and bonsai trees are just the tip of the iceberg for a happy and battle-earnest hamster.

Battle Hamsters could also "spar" with other hamsters by dozing off if they don't feel in the mood to go to the BH Arena to gain their much needed experience points.


Initial headquarters are believed to have started approximate equidistant between Godville, Dogville and Deville, in-between four milestones with orange-white-stripes on the bottom (since hamsters are little creatures and can't see much above them.)

Territories and Landmarks
B-Trees Forest • The Battle Hamster Farm • Beer Bay • Blood-Curdling Stream • Blue Portal Lagoon • Brain Slugs Farm • Brokeback Knoll • Cave of the Weak-Witted Oracle • The Cavern of Dwarves' Glory • The Cliff of The Lonely Hero • Cliff of Unrequited Love • The Close Encounters of the Third Kind Hill • Desert of Former Alkies • Divine Lake • Eastern Magmatic Plumules • Field of Special Magic • Forgotten Woods • Fountain of Youth • Graveyard of the Chosen Ones • Great Lava Desert of Trogh • Hypergiant Delta • Jagged Peaks • Lake of Maiden's Tears • Limestone Labyrinth • The Land of Landmarks • Little-big pond • Lost paradise • Low Gravity Plains • Mainstream • Meadows of Eternal Tranquility • Meadow of Everlastingnight • Milestone 554 • Oasis of Deadman's Hand • OnePricedWood • Passage of the Last Man Lying • Pathway of Lemmings • Plateau of Low Gravity • Platonic Woodland • Qu'tox Ocean • Radiostagnant Pits • River Amp • River Kraktor • River Stinks • Sacred Archipelago • Silly Cone Valley • Sleepless Hollow • The Spring of Eternal Senility • Strawberry Fields • Swamp of Missed Kamikazes • The Valley of the Blind • The Valley of Lost Hopes • Trans-Astral Highway • Triffids' Valley • Vector Field • Wastelands of Insomnia • Watering Hole • World's Apex • Yggdrasil