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The Arseless One, The Unholed One, The Unending, and The Endless
Deities of Godville
The Arseless 
Hero Arse H
Personality Temperamental
Gender Genderless, Holeless
Favourite Town Tradesburg


The Arseless, also known as: The Arseless One, The Unholed One, The Unending, and The Endless. God of the Unholed people. Claimed as the One true God who bless upon the unholed, victim of mutation and disfiguration caused by warfare.


Nobody knew the exact time people began worshiping The Arseless. However, according to the notes, diaries and books written by Maester Shredder, this can be traced back to the Warring States Period in Godville, the land of heroes.

Maester Shredder is a well-known warrior and archivist in warring states period whom we should be thankful as his work on literature related to the rise of The Arseless allowed us to predict the events happened among the people of those times

In the era of biological and magical warfare, there had been some disturbing news reported across the realm about strange affliction on newborn infants. Every day, more and more babies are born without anus. This resulted in children and grownups who survived their horrible lives spending their days spouting shit from their mouths, literally and figuratively. Those who were unfortunate enough to be born without anus oftentimes ended up channeling their hatred towards the environment. Resulted in the famous name-calling "assholes without asshole".

Years after first report on the foul mutation. There were some report from traveler near Herolympus about the so-called Prophet of The Arseless One.

Prophetic Era (Unknown-1742 GE)

Prophet Noanus

The First Prophet of The Arseless was Prophet Noanus (Praise Be Upon Him). He came from a small farm in Herolympus, spreading the teachings of the unholed. He was the first man who call for the unholed to join him in his worship to The Arseless. As much as eight disciples were reported to be the true followers of the teaching. However, spreading the gospel towards many people with millions of Gods were not an easy job. Prophet Noanus were captured and the executioner drilled a hole where his anus were supposed to exist. He died in a gruesome death. Yet, his teachings were never forgotten. Prophet Noanus left the world with the holy book "Holyhol"

Prophet Holdebaren

The Second Prophet of The Arseless. He was the first to call the Unholed as a religion. He was the one who went through exhausting period of "Legal Court". He managed to register Unholed as the official religion of those unfortunate enough to be born without anus.

Prophet Nohol

The Third Prophet recorded. He was the one who established the "Ten Commandments of the Unholed". His creation was based on the God's words he received inside "Holy Temple" bar. The commandments given was the first Godly law that the God himself send to his messengers.

He tried to replace the formal law of the currently established government in Godville. He was hanged.

Prophet Eshol

The Fourth Prophet. Also known as Eshol the Asshole. No other prophet were spited enough by his people more than Prophet Eshol. He came as the truest believer of The Arseless, however being the radical zealot of the religion, he often ignore the law created by the citizens of the cities he happened to travel to. He died by reverse stoning, where his head and torso were buried in sand and his lower part upside down as the stoning target.

Prophet Asnohol

The Sixth Prophet. In his era, the number of the followers of the Unholed were considerable. His greatest achievements were the forming of Anussary, Unholed's special forces. Under his command, Unholed's teaching spread across the realm. Some even reported several Arseless followers in villages near Deville. This was the Golden Era of The Arseless. Some years during the conquest of the Unholed, Prophet Asnohol were assassinated, killed with a sharpened fertility ritual tools.

Prophet Nuswhere

The Seventh Prophet. In the era of Prophet Nuswhere, he sent more and more faithful followers to the cities and villages across the realm to further increase the presence of God's teachings. He also loved traveling across cities to spread the gospel.

"Nuswhere is everywhere!" people said. However, his prophetic journey ended somewhere near Lostway. He was reportedly died of unknown anal fungus.

Prophet Lasnus

Prophet Lasnus was the last prophet, ending the prophetic era and progressing towards the Heroic Era. Known as Lasnus the Eighth, was named after the number of the disciples of Prophet Noanus. The number eight of the disciples symbolize the number of prophets. In Prophet Lasnus' era, he was the one to initiate the buildings of The Arseless Golden Temple. Putting the first golden brick, He managed to build half of the buildings until the monsters who ravaged upon his land stole all of the golden bricks. He died in 1742 GE of severe anal cancer.

Heroic Era (1743 GE - Present)

The Heroic Era began around 1743 GE when The Arseless came down from the sky throne to watch upon humans. According to the Unholed Sisters of the Unholed Temple, the God himself walked the land of Godville in the form of a man and chose the virgin to carry His seed. From the womb of the chosen Virgin Mary Jane, the Champion was born.

Arse H the Unholed

Named Arse H, or widely known as Arse the Unholed. The God himself let Arse H find his way as His Champion.