The Ancestry Knight

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The Ancestry Knight
Motto: Nos Protegat Statera.
Alignment: Peaceful
Gold Fund: 24332 c.u.
Leader: GodZenkai 
Date Founded: 4th of March, 2011
Membership Count: 80
Pantheon of unity Rank: 33
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 170
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 258
Forum Headquarters: The Ancestry Knight
Guild Page: The Ancestry Knight 
Data current as of 28th December 2014

Happy holidays and junk! Since Zen is a lazy goober, I had to do everything again. Can you believe this guy? I hope he got at least one piece of coal from Santa. It would make up for all the injustices he's put us all through.
GodMerandaem (U • C • T) GodZenkai (U • C • T)  Leaders and Rivals


Welcoming words!

Welcome to the guild of the Ancestry Knights! A place to be yourself, have fun - be it mischief or not - and discuss whatever your heart desires. While the transition from a regular Godvillian guild to this one may be frightening at first, you'll find your own place within our ranks soon enough. Although, be warned; the flow of the guild council is known to change rapidly from topic to topic, so keeping up at first may provide a challenge.

Introduction to the Ancestry Knight

The TAK headquarters, situated within the town of Godvillewood.


In a time long forgotten; in a place long since gone.

Among the radiant behemoths, whose voices shattered the silence, whose light spread through the cold, dead darkness - life came to be. Beings of pure energy and unfathomable power. The shapers of all that we know. These celestial beings roamed the darkness for eons, destroying and consuming all in their path with little reason or motivation. Before long, they encountered their kin, and unimaginable battles ensued. A dance of darkness and light fused together and being broken apart endlessly. Millenia passed with no clear victor, as the beings turned to harvesting the powers of those who came before them. Darkness enveloped all - the few remaining lights, slowly died at their hands. As the final light passed, all went silent. Then - overwhelming brightness, scorching heat and trembling roars, as if everything caught fire. All in a brief moment, before the light dwindled again. But all was not lost.

From the dormant remains of the shapers, new life stepped forth, as it always does. In contrast to their predecessors omnipotence, these new beings gained the power of omniscience. They spread out to all corners of the universe, planting the seeds of life. Reforming all that had been destroyed, thus issuing a new cycle. As their task was completed, they went into hibernation within the galaxies to watch over their creations. The guardians of all we know.

In their wake, they created us. The observers, blessed with a tiny fragment of all their powers in order to keep the balance.

Life as Gods

As observers, we are prohibited from directly interfering with the worlds and those who inhabit them. Due to this, we work through intermediaries better known as "heroes." When a spiritual link is created between a God and a sentient being, the latter's brain function is severly hampered, or in some cases completely obliterated. This limits your ability to influence them.

In order to maintain balance, your hero will set off on quests and vanquish monsters along the way. Doing this will act as a stimulus for your hero, in the form of experience and gold coins. These act as their primary motivation, closely followed by the local taverns; where both of the aforementioned things may be drastically reduced.

Heroes have their own goals, such as building a temple dedicated to their divine, raising a pet to live long enough, and building an ark. Each of these feats will award them with an individual medal.

Guild history

A goddess seen controlling the Great Divine in the skies above the World's Apex

The Ancestry Knight; a long standing guild within the realm of Godville. Shrouded in secrecy from most beings, be they mortal or otherwise. Its original purpose - to maintain a middle ground between good and evil, which war had torn apart.

It is said that a colossal, white, fiery dragon descended upon the world amidst the chaos. Its eyes burning with a slow, golden color. Its wings carrying both day and night whilst extended. Its words reminiscing of song. When it spoke, time stood still. All within its presence came to a halt. The few mortals to not lose their sanity, laid down their arms. With the words of the dragon scarred into their minds, they formed the original order of the Ancestry Knight.

I recall a massive sense of pressure... as if my head was ready to burst. I couldn't move, no matter how much I tried. I was overcome with fear. It turned its gaze to face me... the eyes, orbs of golden fire, burning slower than the rest of its body. Such unbearable heat. Then it spoke. From within my mind. The pain was like nothing I've ever felt. I.. all of us.. fell to our knees in agony. Our screams fell silent. Not a sound. That's when... a giant wall of fire spread from the dragon. It incinerated us all, until its fires burned out, and it departed. We lived.. somehow absorbing the fire. Our veins carried the white flames. Whenever we closed our eyes, we could hear it speak. We understood, and heeded its calling.

Ever since, they have been known as the harbingers of neutrality. Guardians of the divide - until recently.

Times have changed. War is no longer upon the mortal world, and there is no need for the order to maintain its presence. Whenever their goal is accomplished, the knights vanished from the world with little warning. Hence why so little is known about the guild to the outside world. Now, the guild is controlled through a council lead by powerful and influential figures. They still maintain strict secrecy and anyone who cares for their life would do well to stay away.

Raising pets

As if being beaten on by vicious monsters around the clock wasn't enough, our genius heroes thought it brilliant to tame these very creatures for fun. Exactly how it is achieved is unknown.

Personally, I believe the monsters just give up at some point, after excessive and endless pleas.

Some "pets" can be an asset, but most either sit around watching the hero bend into unnatural positions, or knock themselves out on suspiciously placed signs.

Building of the Arks

After a rupture in the world of Godville, heroes found themselves witnessing a great, big blue horizon along the edge of the land. This of course, inevitably lead to mass drownings.

Heroes just weren't used to dealing with water more than an inch in depth, and even then there were reported drownings. Yet somehow, these nitwits figured it would be a good idea to brave the seas. As you can probably guess, it didn't start out too well. For the simple mind of a hero does not understand how flotation works, let alone what floats.

This --of course-- lead to another batch of new drownings and annoyed deities. So an intervention began in the form of collecting gopher wood. Neatly cut, pre-shaped planks with a "this goes here" label, and a dash of duct tape - the heroes were ready for new adventures. And drownings. Because life jackets have yet to be invented and all that. Y'know.

How to Join

Friendship is magical, right? Yes...

Why join? How you could even ask such a question is beyond my ability to understand. Why wouldn't you join!? We host events which feature sacrificial rituals, dance-offs, mortal tossing and tea drinking! Those are just a few, to give you an idea as to what we do. Emphasis on idea, because even we don't know what we do half the time. That said --- making your halfwit hero(ine) join our illustrious guild isn't necessarily easy. There are a lot of factors involved whenever you attempt to provide guidance to these feeble mortal creatures. Be it they be hungry, tired, itching to drink themselves even dumber, getting ripped off by the local trader, getting clobbered by monsters - the list goes on. As always, persistence is the way to success. Most of the time.

Use the following words: Join "The Ancestry Knight" guild

But be sure to use it when your hero(ine) is not fighting. As we are not liable for your hero sustaining injuries in an attempt to join us, nor obligated to hand out refunds for used godpower.

The TAK headquarters is located within Godvillewood. Even if you're in a different town, or perhaps watching your herald drown in an inch of water, this will not affect your hero(ine) as they will naturally wander into the building randomly. It's quite subtle. You might not even notice! I mean, we are gods after all.

TAK Members

All known members of the guild will be noted here. If you feel that your name should be here, please contact GodMerandaem /GodZenkai  or insert yourself.

Titles/descriptions and minor art by GodZenkai /GodMerandaem 

A rendition of a good day at TAK HQ

  • GodZenkai  - "Zekken (Absolute Blade)" Local Humanitarian, who has a unusual love for monster-girls, particularly Dragon-Girls. Guild leader, after an incident where Mabruk was purged from the guild. Plays the straight man most of the time, but does fall into being silly like everyone else. Has recently taken up the mantle for the important 'Guild Doctor' position, but favors a more "crazed scientist" approach to his new occupation.
  • GodVeretus  - "Silent Watcher" A mysterious figure who has been with us for longer than any can remember. Recently discovered to be the biggest lurker known to exist.
  • GodJugalicious1  - Some things in the world are beyond understanding. This entity, might be one of those things.
  • GodEnderRex  - Used to be a replacement for Lunar Darkness, before becoming his own kind of silly character. Defines himself as an "interesting" guy but is ironically bad with descriptions. Also considers himself witty, though common opinion seems to be in argument.
  • GodGenna M  - "Little Pandemonic Carnival" Possibly the(self-proclaimed) best guild member ever. Also a British host of various undisclosed beings. Loves axes. BFFs with Merandaem. Recently returned from an unknown dimension of unmentionable horrors after having accidentally entered the men's room. Right up until Joe kidnapped her for his own, lewd purposes.
  • GodMerandaem  - "Endless Devourer" An uncivilized and badly washed girl who changes personality more often than she changes her own description. Which in fact is edited mostly by other people, against her will. Thoroughly enjoys being difficult. She also wrote most of this description, with the other few bits being regularly changed by several members. Presumed to be a tsundere, but she denies it vehemently. And with sharp, painful teeth.
  • GodLord Sampson  - He has taken up the minor massively important job of recording day-to-day events from Zenkai, who has gotten busy managing other things. Often used as an effective and surprisingly willing punching bag by his superiors. He denies editing his own description and would like to resign from the punchbag role. Recent discovery suggests he has a severe and disgusting beautiful cube fetish.
  • GodThe Cookie Master  - A stereotypical brit that likes biscuits maybe a bit too much. It is said that if you say his name three times while staring crosseyed at a mirror at midnight a cookie will somehow appear and shove itself into your mouth. Just blame magic. If for whatever reason you need to get into his good books just give him biscuits and he'll be a happy bunny, but if you think can get away with it by giving him cookies he'll give you a 10 hour lecture about the difference between cookies and biscuits and then eat you, and not in the kinky way...

Ex-Members (Wall of the Honored)

  • GodArchioum  - Thoroughly enjoys his tacos. Maybe a bit too much. Rumor has it he married one and ate it on the same day. Magically disappeared in a puff of taco seasoning one day, never to be heard from again
  • GodFinlay M  - Genna's mischievous older sibling. The most destructive member of the guild. Went out in blazing glory.... Literally, we are still waiting for him to rise from his ashes, after all he is part phoenix.
  • GodLunar Darkness  - "Echo of the Eclipse" A guy who attempts, but not always succeeds, to make each day weird. Is a stereotypical pervert. Assumes that he has an incredible amount of charm, despite repeated attempts to convince him otherwise. Last seen walking into the sunset like a bad-ass, before tripping out of sight.
  • GodMabruk  - "Fist of the Southern Mountains" Founder of TAK, was recently involved in an incident that led to be accidentally purged from the records, which happened again but also struck down Protarkus as well.
  • GodProtarkus  - "Sacred Hands" Former Highest Rank Member. Ex-Tribunal. Is also the very trollish Guild Doctor as a part-time job. Was kidnapped by an angry mob and disappeared.
  • GodSyvsover  - Whereabouts Unknown. One rumor suggest he moved on to better things. Another suggests he loves sleeping and simply forgot to wake up.
  • GodV3xed  - British. Supposedly has large eyebrows. It has been suspected that his eyebrows grew out of control, thereby consuming him.

Member's Feats

April 1, 2015: Joe was temporarily captured in a glass jar and displayed outside. Of course, it failed to last more than a day.

May 18, 2015: Joe was captured by several members who used one of them as bait. Joe was placed into the basement afterwards.

July 4, 2015: Joe was given temporary release for the holiday after being captured earlier. This led to a massive panic as everyone was given "friendly hugs" by Joe. However, Joe was captured once more and returned to the basement.

August 26, 2015: A guild member considered adding a feat without involving Joe. After an hour of brainstorming and inevitable failure, life continued as "normal."

December 28, 2015: Mera took a shower.

A Guide to the Knights

The Leader and Mad Scientist

  • GodZenkai  The strong silent type. He has a peculiar ability to arrive precisely when he needs to. Like a wizard! But it's not all flowers and peaches (you read right) he's a notorious closet pervert. On several occasions he has been observed to capture very candid pictures of the female residence of the guild, but swears he's stopped doing so. He also dabbles in experimental surgery, though whether he has a doctor's license or not is up for discussion by the lasting threat of unwanted surgeries. Says he's "a person-shaped blur with a lab coat and may or may not have tentacles" It should be noted that TGA is not a failed clone of his, only a failed attempt at making a person out of bits and pieces of leftover food with a handful of questionable materials he may or may not have "liberated" from Mera's room.

The Core

Queen of Pandemonium and Eloquence

  • GodGenna M  The well spoken lady of the peninsula. At least I think it was a peninsula. She may appear harmless at first, but get on her bad side and she'll "axe" you to please reconsider that particular line of action. That means she likes axes, if you didn't catch on. She also hosts creatures of some kind or another inside her body. No one really knows why. Best not to ask questions. On a different note, she's quite fond of pets. Especially pterodactyls. Did I mention she has one? Damn thing relieves itself everywhere.

Mistress of Mischief and Incessant Nibbling

  • GodMerandaem  What do you get when you mix unpredictability, insanity, salt, pepper, violence and double rainbows? [Alleged Princess] Mera! Not quite. Actually, when a man loves a woman and they----- no? Okay. If by chance you find yourself on a path filled with nibble marks, she's not usually far off. Or blood. Blood's a pretty good indicator. She can be very protective of her possessions. So caution is adviced, unless you're heavily stocked on cookies. Rumor has it she advocates for dismembering new recruits. Usually communicates in English, but under certain circumstances can revert to her native tongue of Meranese.

The Undecisive Voice and Unparalleled Lurker

  • GodVeretus  Now this guy is a bit of a mystery. Mainly because he hasn't spoken until just recently. Therefore what he says and does can't be predicted, and any attempt to probe him for information has failed. That might be due to the probing method. I'm not sure why exactly it goes where it goes, but superior beings seem to have it figured out. So who am I to argue? His dirty secrets will soon be revealed for all to see.

The "Special" Ones

The Lord of Wit and Absentmindedness

  • GodEnderRex  An enigma filled with American spirit, he is a champion of veiled ego and blatant distractability. Unfortunately gimmickless, this bland creature stalks the guild council, waiting for his chance to say something relevant. Before immediately moving on to watching that thrice damned fly... Wait, what was happening?

The Nocturnal Fancy Pants and Scientist Salarian

  • GodLord Sampson  Wearer of the fanciest pants in all the realm and self proclaimed Vaguely Attentive Lord of the Night. He is also, notably, the very module of a modern major general. He has information vegetable, animal, and mineral. He knows the Kings of England and he quotes the fights historical... As of July 8th, he has accepted being the guild Jestermonkey.

The Biscuits Are Not The Same As Cookies Guy

  • GodThe Cookie Master  He just wants to be in the list and hopes that Mera will give him a more intricate description in the future, meanwhile, he'll have to do with this pathetic description that he denies he wrote himself.

'Joe, The Bad Touch' better known as Joe

Joe found in the most unlikely of places - water! That and behind you. Always behind, watching from the shadows...

An ancient creature thought to be nothing more than a myth, or children's tale. The stories portray it as menacing demon whom descends from the night sky, to pray upon the sinful. In all actuality, the stories don't even come close to how dreadful this creature is. Joe is -- very simply put -- a pervert.

He enjoys touching people inappropriately, in which his massive tentacles aid him to achieve this task. The victims are more often than not covered in a sticky-like substance, and appear with overly shameful expressions. He lurks in every shadow, at every waking moment. There is no known way to ward him off. It is advised to bring lubricant and provide minimal resistance, as not doing so will only results in the exchange taking longer.

How it became part of the group isn't clear, but it is believed that it was conjured forth by one of the members, be it consciously or not. Albeit, its tendencies seem akin to one particular member. It now roams around in the dark corners, occasionally putting out cookies to bait the unsuspecting.

It is considered a rite of passage within the guild to endure the merciless assaults of the creature.

Joe currently is held in the basement after being temporarily released for Freedom Day.

The Headquarters

<More WIP: Showcase of the HQ, more or less>

Notable events

  • Founding of the Café - An attempt to spread influence and publicity of the guild throughout the world of Godville, as well as allowing the celestial members to interact with the mortals. Ultimately failed, as visitors and customers alike seemed to disappear in increasing numbers, followed by bizarre and unnatural occurrences within proximity of the café.
  • Untimely destruction of the Café - A charred foundation is all that remains of the once magnificent building. Some theorize that the destruction was caused by dark rituals, or perhaps otherworldly events. Others claim fire fell from the heavens and scorched the surrounding area. What actually transpired is now shrouded in mystery - perhaps for the better.
  • Aftermath - Although unknown to the mortals; the strange happenings were a result of celestial infighting. The gods - albeit young - were trying to establish themselves among their peers, and this escalated into several confrontations. The most notable of the many confrontations, was the one which leveled the Café.
  • Rise of the Inn - Not willing to give up on their interaction with the world of mortals - and return to the eternal slumber in the infinite realms, the gods proceeded to build an inn within the walls of the capital. The citizens of Godville were used to sudden alterations within their many cities. Even though this caused mass confusion when the grocery stores were suddenly replaced by taverns, they were quick to adapt to these changes. If getting drunk and forgetting ones sorrows counts, that is.
  • The Maid Incident - Shortly after the Ancestry Knight Inn became the talk of the capital, a leading member among the group came up with a bold marketing scheme. This lead to the inevitable incident that is still murmured in the far reaches of Godville to this day. Some say, that if you tread outside your home during a full moon, a cat eared demon maid might swoop down from the skies and consume your soul. Of course, this but a mere children's tale. Although... there have been disappearances as of late.
  • The Pterodactyl - A valued honorary member of the guild and Genna M's beloved pet. She was a magnificent creature who soared the skies of Godville, until a fatal accident ended her life. After some time of grieving, she was reanimated back to life and graced the skies once more. Last seen accompanying her master beyond the infinite realms. But later returned alongside Gen, seemingly covered in something...
  • Lunapocolypse - Sometimes, being immortal has its downsides. There are things even gods fear. This is one of them. During a lunapocolypse there is no escape. It'll test you in ways you cannot fathom. It may also leave you slightly less omniscient. All we know is - abandon all logic and run.
  • The Nega-Clones - During a not so unexpected accident with Zenkai's mad experiments, he has created the Nega-Clones. They are the exact duplicate of the members of this guild but they may or may not have evil intentions. We discriminately hate them so we try to kill them. After valiant attempts by us in killing them, we discovered that they have a skill which none of us can stop: they can act as us, in an exact manner. They can even copy our mannerisms such as TGA's constant soul eating and utilizing, Zenkai's mad experiments, Genna's biting, Mera's unpredictability and TCM's love for cookies and biscuits, which can be surprisingly aggresive. So, beware, as you could be another Nega.
  • The Silence Of The Lambs - The great silence of '16. The council had been abandoned for many months... Only to be visited occasionally by TCM and that annoying fellow called Letplayer. Oh, and Mikato, but no one really likes him. Anyway, everything had gone silent, and many feared that it could be the end of "The Ancestry Knight", but those who didn't swore to keep the hilarity and awkwardness alive.


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