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Is it too early for Roflopolis to be added to this navbox? — GodDjonni 

Non-fixed-milestone towns?

The developer blog post announcing the map feature also included this little tidbit:

Here is another mind-blowing thing – routes between towns change every day, making some towns swap on the map. You can notice these towns by the gray color badge.

And it's now clear that those towns will not always be located at the same milestone position. On some days our heroes may encounter Los Adminos at milestone 22 (as we have it listed), but at other times (such as right now, as I write this) Herolympus will be the town at milestone 22, while Los Adminos is at milestone 42.

So I guess we probably have to remove the fixed milestone numbers from the articles for the "route-swapping" towns, as well as from this template. In fact I suppose the best approach is to have a third section entirely, between Permanent and Seasonal (which I honestly can't think of a good name for at the moment), where we just lists those towns in alphabetical order without specifying a milestone. (Roflopolis can probably go into that section as well, since we have no idea where it's located, it doesn't appear on the map, and there's no way to present a fixed milestone position for it.) -- FeRDNYC (talk) 14:45, 3 May 2018 (UTC)