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📚 Documentation

Given a list of up to fifty three unnamed parameters, {{Weekly choice}} will rotate through each parameter each week in turn.

Optional parameters

If provided, n will be added to {{#time:W}} before modulo arithmetic.

Unnamed parameters

Up to fifty-three unnamed parameters can be supplied.

If parameters are manually numbered and any are missing, an error will be displayed on weeks where the missing parameters are selected, and the last parameter(s) will never be chosen. Easier to leave them unnumbered.

Example of use

Depending on the week, this wikitext:

This week I had {{Weekly choice|an apple|an orange|a banana|grapes}} for lunch.

will produce one of these sentences:

  • This week I had an apple for lunch.
  • This week I had an orange for lunch.
  • This week I had a banana for lunch.
  • This week I had grapes for lunch.