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Usergod classic
Personality: Unknown
📚 Documentation
This template page is about the classic Usergod template. For the updated version, see Template:Usergod.
  • avatar - Name of photograph file.
  • gender - Your gender (i.e. the god, not the hero/heroine.)
  • hero or heroine - Name of champion. Use for hero for male or heroine for female champion. This will automatically link to the hero's wiki page.
  • motto - Your hero's personal motto.
  • guild - Your hero's guild. This will automatically link to your guild's wiki page.
  • position - Your hero's position within the guild, given to you by the leaders of the guild (if applicable.)
  • personality - Your moral leanings or personality type.
  • town - Your favorite town in the world of Godville. This will automatically link to the town's wiki page.

Quick start template

To get started using this template, just copy-paste the following into your page and fill in whatever you want after the = signs!

{{Usergod classic
| avatar =      <!-- The name of an image to represent you. E.g.: Example-simple.png -->
| hero =        <!-- The name of your hero. Have a heroine? See next. -->
| heroine =     <!-- The name of your heroine. Have a hero? See above. -->
| personality = <!-- Your personality, if you wish to describe it. -->
| gender =      <!-- Your gender, if you wish to specify it. -->
| motto =       <!-- Your or your hero(ine)'s motto. -->
| guild =       <!-- The name of your guild, which will link to the guild's Godwiki page. -->
| position =    <!-- Your position in your guild. -->
| town =        <!-- Have a favourite town? You can put it here if you want! -->


Championed by the Hero: none
Personality: none
Gender: alpha
Motto: To live is to breath
Guild: none
Guild Position: none
Favorite Town: Godville
{{Usergod classic
| avatar = example.jpg
| gender = alpha
| hero = none
| motto = To live is to breath
| guild = none
| position = none
| personality = none
| town = Godville