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Towns of Godville
Home milestone Unknown
Map code ??
Known for Unknown
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📚 Documentation

This template also categorises the article into Category:Towns and supplies information about it. For details on how to create a town article, refers to the Creators Manual and the Guideline: Town Articles.


The number of milestones the town is from Godville. Default is 'Unknown'.
The town's one- (Godville) or two-letter (all others) map code. Default is '??'.
(Alternate parameter name: |abbreviation=)
Features the town is known for, e.g. "Good trading, expensive skills". Default is 'Unknown'.
(Alternate parameter names: |known= or |description=)
Optional The motto of the town.
Optional The town's emblem. It will be resized to 200px width. Full name of image file is needed.
|caption=Image description 
Optional — Use only if |image= is also set. Text of a descriptive caption to display beneath the image.
Optional — Set to yes (or any similar positive-state value) to disable the automatic placement of {{Picture}} above the infobox.
Optional — Set to no to disable the automatic placement of the {{Top}} template on the article.

Example of Use

Towns of Godville
Home milestone 9000
Map code OK
Known for Cheap wine, three day growth
Motto wtf?
| image     = Example.jpg
| caption   = Example
| milestone = 9000
| code      = OK
| features  = Cheap wine, three day growth
| motto     = wtf?