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Labels an article as one needing to be restructured or partly rewritten due to a failure to comply with the appropriate Guideline. Automatically categorizes the article in the hidden category Restructuring needed.


The template accepts the following parameters.

Positional parameters

  • 1 / first unnamed parameter: (Optional) An explanation of why the tagged article should be restructured or partly rewritten; what needs changing.
If not specified, the 'For the following reason...' line will not appear.

Named parameters

  • |nocat=: (Optional) Set |nocat=true to disable automatic categorization.
Useful when displaying template examples, as below.

Example of Use

This code
{{restructure|references are missing}}
results in

This article needs to be restructured or partly rewritten

For the following reason: references are missing
To help Godville wiki, please consider restructuring it. Please makes sure to use the appropriate Guideline or a second warning will be placed on the article.